Youth act against domestic violence with powerful street performance

Arise and Make a Difference Youths – a new acting group bursting on to the street scene in Port Vila – is about to provide a new street hit with their live performances in such as the marketplace or main street. Pedestrians may find themselves near a couple of aunties buying kumala as the boyfriend of one sneaks up and begins an attack. The other woman calls the police. The aim of the group is to stop broken homes and violence against women. Their message is one of peace. (Daily Post)

That motion… Opposition Leader Kalsakau, whose motion to have PM Charlot Salwai toppled from the Government went nowhere yesterday, was clearly peeved that issues of substance were being ignored. Not taking Constitutional changes to the people before having them debated in the house, forcing income tax without considering other ways to increase Government revenue, PACER Plus being accepted as a useful policy without debate – these he mentioned as important issues. There had not been much public discussion over the motion as the issues had not been publicised by the Opposition, and late arriving MPs who wished to have their names removed identified themselves in the House before the motion was democratically removed owing to failure to properly follow procedures it was alleged. Debate was ended by a vote of 31 to 19 and the discussions took no more than 45 minutes. (Radio Vanuatu)

We had almost forgotten that Lake Seven Star ever existed but Daily Post today carries a photo which reminds us that this is Port Vila’s longest urban water course. After massive rainfalls yesterday in Vila of 95mm, the Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP) would be providing a great service if it could reveal exactly what’s planned for Seven Star and Man Ples in their works schedules.


2 Comments on “Youth act against domestic violence with powerful street performance”

  1. Sue Farran says:

    Great to see young people engaging with this serious topic which affects so many lives. Readers might be interested in a recent report which includes a chapter on Vanuatu. Unlike many reports this one is based on field work done in the region.
    It is entitled Understanding Gender Inequality Actions in the Pacific which can be downloaded for free at


  2. Nasimal says:

    This government can not ignore the public concerns and bulldoze legislation, especially income tax. There are ways to fund government projects but because some of our politicians never work in industries so their knowledge is very much limited to come out with common sense ideas. I did speak to one of those people who were trying to explain to our public reference to income tax but found the person had very little knowledge about the subject.
    Thank you and AHAYAH bless you all and Vanuatu.