Kalsakau brothers resign from Constitutional Review Committee

Dummy spit? Yesterday, Opposition Leader Ishmael Kalsakau was reliably reported by national radio as saying that the Government is seeking to avoid the the full advisory consultation the people deserve on the constitutional changes which the bipartisan Constitutional Review Committee is working on. He also complained that the Government is forcing income tax on people (which is not really true, since all that has happened so far is that it has started a discussion on the topic.) And PACER Plus got a swipe when we have been debating it for over a decade, along with every other Pacific island country.

Today we learn that both brothers Kalsakau in the Constitutional Review Committee have resigned. They see the main objections within the CRC as being the limits to motions of censure against the government: not within 12 months of a general election, not within 12 months of a new PM appointment, and not within a period of 12 months before another election. Fair enough, most people would say, and a lot of Westminster-style constitutions include these protections. But the resigning brothers Kalsakau are anxious to leave the Committee alleging that it is rushing and insufficiently meticulous in its work. They, one feels, should be left to run the anti-Constitutional change ticket when the referendum draws near. They have invited other CRC members to join them. It will be interesting to see how many do. Perhaps this is what the dummy spit is all about.

Daily Post has much of the story given above today, and also announces that the former French Residency area is to become Vanuatu’s one-stop-shop for Finance and Tourism, VIPA and related services, and that the Directors-General whose contracts are not being renewed are demanding a different termination package to the the one being offered.