Bauerfield airport upgrade tender process underway, says Airports Vanuatu CEO

Air Vanuatu Boeing 737-800 AV1 loading at Port Vila's Bauerfield International Airport. Photo: Air Vanuatu

The really good news was yesterday’s: Runway and terminal upgrades on track, says CEO. Details will be made known when the companies bidding have completed all the processes to bring Bauerfield into Code E effectiveness. Bid splitting is allowed which enables AVL to pick and choose where the different jobs are concerned. The Development Committee of Officials is the next stop for the plan and then it’s all the way to the Council of Ministers. The World Bank is watching closely.

Yesterday, Minister Ralph Regenvanu called on the Opposition Leader to make nominations for the two posts on the Constitutional Review Committee Regenvanu leads. Opposition Leader Ishmael Kalsakau had made no move in this regard so far this morning, following his resignation from the Committee and that of his brother Ephraim Kalsakau.

The second ordinary sitting of Parliament begins on Thursday. There are 14 Bills before it, one of the most interest being the Maritime Sector Regulatory Bill giving wide powers to the Regulator. Centralised cruise ship monitoring and port management security will be on his schedule, but trying to lift Vanuatu out of the depressed state that has characterised the industry will be the hardest.

Meanwhile, Jonas Cullwick reports from Fiji the Executive Director of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission saying “There is an extreme divergence of Member interests, exacerbated by interest groups with entrenched and jealously guarded positions.. Around 500 delegates are attending the annual meeting.