Second no-confidence motion lodged against Government of PM Salwai

PM Charlot Salwai… to decide Vanuatu's position on PACER Plus shortly. Photo: Graham Crumb/ (CC BY-SA 3.0)

PM Charlot Salwai. Photo: Graham Crumb/

The Speaker of Parliament has received a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, the second in two weeks. Nine MPs of the Opposition bloc lodged the motion yesterday. The Opposition was absent from Parliament yesterday morning, prompting a delay to next Monday of the second ordinary sitting. The Prime Minister, however, has asked for a further delay to the expected sitting to enable Parliamentary committees, convened  to report on several topics including the Constitution, to give their findings. The motion against PM Salwai will be heard next Thursday at 4 o’clock.

Prime Minister Salwai expressed his deep appreciation of the relationship Vanuatu has with Australia in his meeting yesterday with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Especially notable, he said, was Australia’s contribution to Vanuatu’s development through infrastructure, education, and health. PM Salwai reiterated Vanuatu’s gratitude for the assistance given following Cyclone Pam. He pointed out how recovery had been delayed because of political instability and the election of the new government, but assured Ms Bishop of his government’s commitment to the post-Pam endeavours. An aid agreement for the next three years was signed in the presence of the ministers of the Vanuatu Government.

Prime Minister Salwai has expressed disappointment at the manner in which social media are said to have treated the issue of Director General appointments, several of whom have not been re-appointed. The PM said the roles and responsibilities of the positions were being re-evaluated.

An earthquake near Makira in the Solomon Islands this morning resulted in a small tsunami in Vanuatu waters. The Meteo Department tidal recording devices around the Vanuatu islands showed a wave height of less than 20cm. Damage has been reported on a number of the Solomon islands following the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake.


3 Comments on “Second no-confidence motion lodged against Government of PM Salwai”

  1. Lionel says:

    What? How can our Leaders be responsible? Motion is now like a private interest on little issue- pasem Law blo political stability ia quick umi traem look some change enough Leaders of this Tom and Jerry game!


  2. Tony Tulczyn says:

    Second no confidence motion? You gotta be kidding!! When will these supposed representatives start acting like real men, instead of kindergarten kids?


  3. BAKKEREN Joost (EEAS-HONIARA) says:

    Sorry stuurde je de verkeerde door, maar het is hetzelfde, motion of no confidence, absurd