Market vendor strike ends; MPs receive Vt 290M gratuity payment

Back in business today: Port Vila's main market house. Photo: Wikimapia

Back in business today: Port Vila’s main market house. Photo: Wikimapia

Yesterday’s market vendor strike lasted just a day. Port Vila fresh produce markets are all open today. There sound to have been multiple misunderstandings, and the Vanuatu Daily Digest will await clarification by saying nothing more at this time.

The 52 members of the tenth legislature have received Vt 290 million between them as their gratuity for their term in office. The ex-politicians currently in prison for taking bribes also receive the termination severance fee. (Daily Post)

GJP MP for Tanna Andrew Napuat has publicly presented the accounts of his MP allocation to constituents, and like other GJP politicians he has invested heavily in school fees. In 2016, the MP spent Vt 1.3 million, contributing to the education of 36 students. His transparent financial reporting is said to be the first 0f its kind on Tanna. (Daily Post)

Mele cascades is in the news today. There are further misunderstandings between the courts, Mele villagers, Evergreen Ltd and the Malas family – especially misunderstandings between members of the Malas family. We’ll will hold off on this story except to say that the Daily Post‘s headline today reads “Evergreen Limited to vacate the Cascade area.”

Real estate agent Douglas Patterson has a particularly interesting commentary on the Bouffa Ranch in Daily Post today. Was the VNPF’s “underperformer” investment actually that fund’s best buy, he asks, noting the almost urban plantation’s 530 hectares selling for just Vt 40 per square metre just six years ago.

The Police and VMF’s Operation Noel through Christmas and New Year is acknowledged by in all media as being singularly successful this most past holiday season. Let’s hope the long-awaited senior force postings will be as successful when they arrive.