PM Salwai to launch new national sustainable development plan for next 15 years

Vanuatu 2030 development plan

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai will be launching Vanuatu 2030, the country’s new Sustainable Development Plan next Wednesday 18th at 4:30 (not to be confused with the launch of the draft version of this report, which happened back in November last year). The Department of Strategic Policy Planning and Aid Coordination has been working on the plan for several years and was greatly aided by consultations with the people of all islands. A validation summit was held in November and the document is the successor to the Priorities Action Agenda of 2006. The new document has a strong foundation in culture. Vanuatu 2030 aims to chart the country’s vision and will serve as an over-arching policy framework for a sustainable, stable and prosperous Vanuatu.

Government is considering re-opening Palekula fishing base at Santo. Studies undertaken are said to have proven the idea feasible, Radio Vanuatu reports today, although more space at Palekula would be required for a cannery. A cannery could provide significant further competition to the other South Pacific fishing bases in Fiji and Samoa. The Council of Ministers is reported by Fisheries personnel to be entirely supportive. A further major off-load of fish for export through Port Vila is expected soon.

Daily Post reveals the surge in the price for green kava at the Anabrou kava market where the absence of shipping from kava growing islands has seen the town price jump from Vt 250 a kilo to Vt 1,100 and higher. Ships have been kept busy with passenger movements rather than freight and year-end leave matters disturb regular schedules. The annual New Year shortage has resulted in town kava bars often offering greatly diluted kava. Around a hundred kava bar operators held a meeting this week to discuss their mutual concerns.

The greatest mutual concern presently in the Republic of Vanuatu is the still to be announced examination results. These will also have an effect on shipping schedules in the coming weeks. Radio Vanuatu’s explanation in news today offered no assistance to parents and students still waiting to get exam results for year 8 Francophones and years 8 and 12 Anglophones. Year 10 students and their families had been made to wait up to 9 o’clock at night for their results recently, Daily Post reported. And when results are known there will still be the question of getting to the island of students’ next education year, whether by ship or plane, and that begins a month from today, 13 February.

However, there is good news. The Elwood J Euart Association has formally secured the 7,300 square metres ear-marked for the World War II Museum at Santo. Former Cultural Centre Director and now Lands Minister, Ralph Regenvanu, greatly assisted the Association. The site is what used to be the WWII PT Boat Base during the war.


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  1. Bjarne Hessing says:

    Government is considering re-opening Palekula fishing base at Santo!! Sorry there is nothing left to reopen. I worked there 1986-88, when most facilities was still functioning, I revisited the site a couple of times, last in 2013. The entire peninsula was taken back by the forest, only very little evidence of former activity. Sorry the various government neglected the place entirely since the last Japanese director Mr. Isikava left few years after myself. It will be a big job to rebuild the place.