Victims of conman still unpaid, 10 years after Supreme Court ordered Vt 10M returned

A Tanna chief complains the services of justice are not reaching his people. The Iata versus Hocten Supreme Court case required a payment of Vt 10 million for persons swindled by one Michael Hocten (a family name that has been in the news again more recently) to pay some ten million vatu a decade ago. Not one vatu has yet been received by those owed.

Thompson Marango of Daily Post has another crime story on page one today. Vt 2 million in cash and goods worth another million were stolen from the house of a Chinese store owner in the Colardeau area during the year-end period. Police investigations are continuing.

Both Radio Vanuatu News and Daily Post cover MP Jerry Kanas’s switch from being an Independent candidate to the Leaders’ Party. The Siviri (North Efate) parliamentarian was present at the weekend Mini Congress at Manua in his electorate. LPV Ministers present included Jotham Napat (MIPU) and Matai Seremiah (Agriculture).

Twenty-one anglophone Year 13 students have been shortlisted for Vanuatu Government scholarships this year within the region. They were selected under the Fijian Education Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP). They are considered the best students for Vanuatu for 2016. Their names are given in Daily Post today. There are still other scholarships available for Year 13 leavers under the National Scholarships and Training Board’s programme.


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