Vt 200 million extra revenue expected by Ministry of Lands this year, says Regenvanu

Website of Vanuatu's Ministry of Land and Natural Resources

Website of Vanuatu’s Ministry of Land and Natural Resources

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources hopes to significantly increase revenue this year, Minister Ralph Regenvanu said on the lunchtime news on Radio Vanuatu today. About Vt 200 million extra revenue is expected this year, while expenditure will increase by about Vt 50 million. “And revenue is always growing,” confirmed Regenvanu, saying that this is confirmed by the large amount of business being conducted by the real estate agencies.

Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV) does not support the introduction of an income tax, says Leaders Party of Vanuatu Interim President, Minister Jotham Napat. He made the announcement at the Manua, North Efate meeting of the party on Saturday. LPV held an earlier summit on Tanna on Tuesday where he was instructed to reject income tax. There are seven Members of Parliament in the LPV. Minister for Agriculture Seremiah also attended the Manua School meeting. Party leader Napat said “All other political parties are scared to state their positions on income tax. But I am now stating the position of the LPV”. Public consultations on the income tax issue are to resume this year. (Daily Post)

The Melanesian Spearhead Group has not dropped out of the news – MSG Chairman Solomons PM Sogavare is in Vanuatu as part of his second visit to MSG capitals as MSG chair. His office says revised criteria will be discussed for observer status, and associate member guidelines, with other leaders. FLNKS representatives may meet him here, too. (VBTC, Daily Post)

The European Development Fund, which Vanuatu will benefit from, is expected to greatly increase the value of Vanuatu’s exports. EDF 11 must first of all increase production quality, however, Agriculture Minister Seremaiah says. We must look at the quality of what we produce, he says, adding “only small producers are actually replanting their coconut plantations. Many growers are actually using old, pre-Independence coconut trees. We must first look at production and only then the value addition phase. We need political dialogue”. He spoke of all our valuable export items, from copra to cocoa and kava. The PM will lead a delegation to Brussels to discuss EDF 11. (Radio Vanuatu)