Vanuatu media milestone reached as newspaper publishes its 5,000th issue

Detail of the cover of Vanuatu Daily Post, celebrating its 5,000th issue today

Detail of the cover of today’s Vanuatu Daily Post, celebrating its 5,000th issue today

Congratulations Daily Post. The 5,000th issue of the paper really is something to brag about and at Daily Post they’re fairly good at doing that. But the quality and quantity of the reporting is something which not even the national broadcaster can rival. Well done! They have defended media freedom and merit a great deal of praise for that alone. Keep up the good work.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai is in Brussels with a team of officials including the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Finance for discussions with the European Union. Budget support made available to Vanuatu as a member of the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) group of developing states, and most importantly the mechanisms for accelerating European Union resources for the productive sector, will be on the table. Gender equality, rural development and governance will be important topics for Vanuatu. (Daily Post)

Five students from Umej, Aneityum, will continue their studies in the Loyalty islands of New Caledonia under an agreement between the Tafea chiefs and those of New Caledonia. They will go to Lifou and be testing the quality of the education services in remote places in both countries. Isangel School on Tanna and the Northern Province of New Caledonia have had a similar arrangement in the past. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Ohlen Freshwind land claimants have reconciled with Government. Some 178 took the government to court but lost their case and subsequent appeal late last year. Negotiations have taken place with real estate company Caillard Kaddour and terms described as generous have been arranged to enable people to continue living on the land on which they squatted from the mid-1980s. (Daily Post)

Sanma Province and Luganville Municipality have worked together to create a strategic development plan for Espiritu Santo. The plan was launched last Thursday by Minister for Internal Affairs Alfred Maoh. It is intended to cover the next ten years. A new zoning plan for the Greater Port Vila region is also currently being created jointly by Port Vila Municipal Council and Shefa Province.