Breaking news: Tanna nominated for Academy Award for best foreign language film

Poster for Academy Award-nominated film Tanna, shot in Vanuatu

In a first for film in Vanuatu and the Pacific islands region, The film Tanna, shot on location in Vanuatu using a local, untrained cast of actors, has been officially nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film by the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Tanna was co-directed by Australian filmmakers Bentley Dean and Martin Butler and shot in Yakel village near Lenakel on Tanna. This nomination is Australia’s first for the best foreign language film category, and most of the dialogue in the film is in the south-west Tannese dialect, Navhal.


8 Comments on “Breaking news: Tanna nominated for Academy Award for best foreign language film”

  1. Sam Kapalu says:

    Good to kick start off.. Congrats Tannese Yakel communities.


  2. Nasweyu says:

    Thanks and good tumas blo save’ but my comments is, I think my people have been exploited and although the film is making its name to the top, how are these custom village people, the film actors, the island and the country been compensated for what they have to go through to produce this film including any protocol in this country? Can some one reply to this comments with some evidence?.


  3. Congratulations Tanna Films & Actors. You deserve to be awarded.


  4. atamani2012 says:

    AWEsome!! TANNAsome!!! Tuff Tumas! Congrats to ALL involved!! Go VANUATU Go!!


  5. Anna Naupa says:

    Congratulations Tanna film-makers, actors, Yakel and all Tannese communities – what a way to make a global impression!


  6. Kalo Russell Mariki says:

    Wooooow, proud of this award, congratulations to Tanna Film and the actors. Top wantaem