Telecom Vanuatu Limited sold to company with 35% Fiji Government ownership

An example of a recent TVL promotion

An example of a recent TVL promotion

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited of Fiji has announced its purchase of Telecom Vanuatu Ltd. The deal still needs the approval of the Vanuatu authorities including the Telecommunication Regulator. The agreement for the sale was signed by Mauritius Telecom Ltd and MT International Ventures PCC for the purchase of 100% of TVL. ATH’s two largest shareholders are the Fiji National Provident Fund (58%) and the Fijian Government (35%). ATH owns Fiji’s national telco Telecom Fiji Limited and mobile network Vodafone Fiji, amongst other businesses.

There was good news for Government finances this morning. Especially positive is the rural cooperatives turned a tidy profit. The total VAT returns paid to Government by cooperatives last year was Vt 71.5 million. Cooperative profits enabled another Vt 39.5 million to be shared among the thousands of members of cooperatives around Vanuatu, as required by law. Shefa, Sanma and Malampa have led the turnaround. Co-operatives Director Ridley Joseph said 2016 was “one of our strongest years in terms of performance” —despite the serious effects of Cyclone Pam. (Daily Post)

Van2017, the organizing authority for the South Pacific Mini Games to be held in December this year, says 75% of the targeted sponsorship amount of Vt 100 million has already been raised, according to Daily Post. Sponsorships are a laudable way for Government to finance annual expenditures, especially during a year when a major international event like the South Pacific Games is planned, which will add to tourist numbers. 

Ralph Regenvanu and Andrew Napuat were re-elected President and VP of Graon mo Jastis Pati at the recent Luganville caucus meeting of the party. The caucus learned that the reason MPs Albert Williams and Tasso Fred were terminated was their failure to respect the party’s decision to support coalition partner PM Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas. In December, the two MPs took their place with the Opposition, against their own party. The GJP caucus also decided on candidates for next month’s provincial elections to be held in Tafea, Shefa, Malampa and Penama provinces.

Port Vila Municipality is now prosecuting litterers. There are by-laws against dropping rubbish—and a Vt 20,000 spot fine. And for once we have a mayor who is prepared to enforce the rules. The Vanuatu Digest fully supports him in this matter.