Chief Justice Lunabek appeals to Govt to build new Hall of Justice

Chief Justice of Vanuatu, Vincent Lunabek. File photo.

Chief Justice of Vanuatu, Vincent Lunabek. File photo.

Chief Justice Lunabek  has reminded Government that 10 years have passed without a replacement for the Supreme Court building, destroyed in an arson attack in 2007. He points out that providing a new Hall of Justice for Vanuatu is the Government’s responsibility. The only activity of Government in the preceding decade has been the provision of the inappropriate ex-British Works headquarters, the Dumbea Centre, for holding court. That, and the appointment of a committee which has achieved nothing. Governments have been able to obtain support for a vastly underused international convention centre, and the present administration seems to know where it’s getting funding for a brand new Bauerfield airport terminal when we have a reasonably recent one which works.

The principal need of the Supreme Court this judicial year, Chief Justice Lunabek pointed out to those attending the opening of the 2017 judicial year, is a Hall of Justice Building. CJ Lunabek did not forget the needs of those away from the capital. “Luganville seriously needs a new court location and one building to house all court services,” he said, and many island court houses need repairs after Cyclone Pam.

The present government has been anxious to promote the Right To Information (RTI) cause. The media ensured the public’s access to information from Parliament through broadcast of proceedings of the national nakamal a long time ago. All court information is equally important for those who daily need to assess and report on the results of justice, members of the media. We media personnel must all support Chief Justice Lunabek in his demand for court premises. (Daily Post)

Government is changing its approach to rural development by dealing more directly with communities. The MP responsible, Johnny Koanapo, said every ministry must consider what people need before drawing up their ministerial priorities for the rural year. All services are being much more decentralised. Business plans will be reviewed twice every year, Radio Vanuatu News reported.

Survey work for the Area Councils has been completed on Tanna and the project to establish area council boundaries in Tafea is now moving to Aniwa. Tanna was the first big island to complete this mapping task.

The suggested referendum on Constitutional changes will not be able to be held on the same date as the provincial elections in the 4 provinces changing their regional leadership — Tafea, Shefa, Malampa and Penama. Principal Electoral Officer Charles Vatu pointed out the impossibility of a referendum consulting nationally when not all voters are involved.

Student transfers from years 8 to 9, 10 to 11 and 12 to 13 have now been approved. The results are being announced on Radio Vanuatu from 7 o’clock tonight.


2 Comments on “Chief Justice Lunabek appeals to Govt to build new Hall of Justice”

  1. Rowan Downing says:

    The Chief Justice is correct. It is essential that there be a court building which allows justice to be provided in an efficient manner, with judges being able to work properly. I do note that even without such a building the Vanuatu judiciary have world standing in respect of their assertion and maintenance of the rule of law.


  2. Kalo Dick Mariki says:

    It is shameful seeing those in higher authority (the government & oppositions) battling court cases against each other in such premise as quote by Chief Justice, “the provision of the inappropriate ex-British Works headquarters, the Dumbea Centre, for holding court” manned by a person also of higher authority, Chief Justice. Appropriate Hall of Justice renders high respect for all authorities concerned. The government is obliged to adhere to this call from Chief Justice this year 2017.