Northern Vanuatu’s main hospital cuts services due to staff shortages

Severely understaffed: Luganville's Northern Districts Hospital

Severely understaffed: Luganville’s Northern Districts Hospital

Northern District Hospital is facing an acute staffing shortage. Only some 24 out of 50 contracts issued by hospital management last October have been approved by the Public Service Commission. A stand-down action is taking place. As result, some services have been withdrawn. The Radio Vanuatu lunchtime news today today reported the critical situation saying similar actions have been foreseen at other Health Department locations.

Radio Vanuatu News states that a new approach to fulfilling constituency needs is required now of all 52 MPs. The Salwai Government policy is to ensure communities receive their chosen benefits directly from Government. For 36 years MPs have had no say in development projects in the rural areas leading to such criticised projects as roads being built on Malekula in places where they were not needed. Tanna MP Johnny Koanapo says that to make the policy work it will need much greater communication between communities, their MPs and Ministries.

The Chiefs’ Nakamal will reopen on Monday March 6 after nearly a week of kastom celebrations involving all communities and the national chiefs’ holiday. Reconstruction following the Cyclone Pam damage two years ago is complete and been assisted by the Town Council and women’s and youth organisations. (Daily Post)

Another reopening is the ‘Federesin’ fish and vegetable market opposite Au Bon Marché at Manples. It is the first opening of such a Cooperative Federation commercial venture. Until now the site has been given over to bêche-de-mer collection and sales of wire products.