Vanuatu’s youngest-ever Olympian becomes first female ATR72 pilot for Air Vanuatu

The sky is the limit: Air Vanuatu's newest ATR72 pilot, Katura Marae. Photo: Air Vanuatu

The sky is the limit: Air Vanuatu’s newest ATR72 pilot, First Officer Katura Marae. Photo: Air Vanuatu

Congratulations Katura Marae, the first Ni-Vanuatu female pilot to fly Air Vanuatu’s ATR72. And thank you for showing the world gender equity at work in Vanuatu. 27-year old Katura is not the first local female pilot, but the ATR 72 is a big league achievement. She is definitely a role model and on page 1 of Daily Post gives us her career motivation: “Whatever you have in mind, go for it. Do something that you love, so that every day you are doing something you love, and not just for the sake of doing it.” Katura is no stranger to high achievement – she represented Vanuatu as a sprinter at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece — and holds the record for being Vanuatu’s youngest Olympic athlete.

The electricity price in Luganville is dropping. After being gazetted, the new price will drop by10.44% for Santo electric utility company VUI’s customers will show up in their February accounts. This follows serious discussions between the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) and VUI. The URA now seems happy the company retains the current contributions to the Santo Fund, supporting extensions on Santo and to the mini-grids on Ambae and at Sola.

There are still land cases in the courts which have been under appeal for more than 7 years. Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek is anxious to have them cleared, Daily Post reports. The court registrar is advising parties concerned that the Supreme Court is now determining whether each case will be decided under the new Customary Land Management Act, and which should remain with the Supreme Court.


3 Comments on “Vanuatu’s youngest-ever Olympian becomes first female ATR72 pilot for Air Vanuatu”

  1. Robert Madeo says:

    Congratulations Katura. Great achievement. “It is impossible until it is done”.



  2. alton l foreman says:

    Outstanding achievements… great “good news” story.


  3. Anna Naupa says:

    Congratulations Katura! You are an inspiration to all women in Vanuatu… from little things, big things grow – keep reaching for the sky.