Bauerfield international airport: new terminal or just facelift?

Port Vila International Airport. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Torbenbrinker

It’s not many weeks since we learned of plans for a new terminal on the other side of the runway to the existing one. Now we learn a Stabex fund is being used to renovate both international and domestic terminals — all to be done in time for the Pacific Mini Games. Toilets will be removed to the periphery of the existing main terminal and “consideration is being given to improving the air conditioning and ventilation.” And a corridor will help people get between the international, VIP and domestic terminals. Wow.

Airports Vanuatu Limited says it is running at a profit of Vt 16 million for the first quarter of this year compared with a loss of Vt 28 million for the first quarter of last year. All done by introducing reforms.

One wonders whether the extra Vt 170 million requested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs might not have been necessary if reforms had been introduced at consular and ambassador postings. At least under the new RTI legislation journalists will all have access to the number of trips made, to and where and why, by our diplomats. Thereby we may learn whether reforms could assist.


One Comment on “Bauerfield international airport: new terminal or just facelift?”

  1. Tony Tulczyn says:

    International terminal just needs a good professional facelift. Plus all ceiling fans “working as if one” would be one of the most important jobs. As I see it.