Vanuatu’s women – bold for change on International Women’s Day

Bold for change – Vanuatu's women can do anything! Photo: Vanuatu Surfing Association/Facebook

Bold for change: Vanuatu’s women can do anything! Photo: Vanuatu Surfing Association/Facebook

Happy International Women’s Day! The work and achievements of women around the country are being celebrated, Doresday Kenneth Watson, head of Women’s Affairs, explained today. A peaceful demonstration took place organised by Pro-Active Mamas (PAM) between Anchor Inn and Saralana. “Be Bold for Change” is this year’s message. The Silae Market Vendors Association has been prominent in International Women’s Day events and are anxious to point out how women globally dominate the informal economic sector, where wages fluctuate and and working conditions are poor.

Three men are facing murder charges as a result of the Pentecost killing over a land dispute. A further seven are facing charges of unlawful assembly and related matters. Arrests took place on the island. Peacemaking ceremonies also took place, Radio Vanuatu announced. It is not yet known what the ongoing Police presence might comprise.

A certificate course in climate change and disaster risk reduction has begun at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology. It is to take five months and involves 31 students and a variety of backers: SPC, GIZ, and PacTVET, along with the Ministry of Climate Change. Henry Vira, the local program coordinator for Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region detailed the course for Daily Post readers. It is especially intended to help those who have a passion to help their communities adapt to climate change, thereby reducing the impact of disasters.

A kastom ceremony has been organised for landowners at the area known as Federesin near Man Ples for the proposed Cooperative Fish Market. This follows on from the plans of the Trade and Agriculture ministries and Cooperative Federation for a worthy successor to the long-defunct Natai Fish Market.


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  1. Nicky Dicky says:

    Women sleeping on floor at Vila Base….take the mattresses to the Entertainment Centre to highlight the pathetic state of affairs of government