Govt says kava exports have rebounded by 345% since Cyclone Pam

Director of Biosecurity Vanuatu Timothy Tumukon reveals that total kava exports for 2015 were valued at just Vt 180 million because of Cyclone Pam. However, in the year following Cyclone Pam, kava export sales soared to Vt 800 million. Monday was the second anniversary of Cyclone Pam’s destruction. Government is helping farmers to plant the best noble varieties for their areas and the rules for product preparation for the international market are being taught.

UMP is seeking a reconciliation between what are understood to be only two factions within the Union of Moderate Parties on Tanna today. Ishmael Kalsakau (Leader of the Opposition) allegedly representing the faction of imprisoned party President Serge Vohor was to meet with Jacques Meriango group representatives, Meriango being the leader of the faction previously opposed to Vohor’s presidency and whose electoral candidacy has been refused by the courts. It is suggested in Daily Post today that if they accept the ongoing leadership of Vohor the UMP will be reunified.

Two Korean nationals are facing charges of false pretences after gaining access to a local company’s bank account without authorisation. The company is Molvatu Trading, Managing Director Norman Ligo, which buys vehicles at allegedly cheaper prices from Korea, and which are sold directly to Ni-Vanuatu to assist them avoid middlemen.The Magistrates’ Court is to set a date for trial of the Koreans named Brad Choi and Elder (yes) James Lee.