Drones planned to deliver vital medical supplies to remote islands

A new project will enable remote areas to receive urgently needed medical supplies by drone, the remote controlled pilotless aircraft. UNICEF is working with Government to make the project a reality for the small island developing countries. A previous trial in Malawi in Africa has already proven successful and the approach is now being trialled in Vanuatu.

President Lonsdale has spoken out on the international stage for much stronger action against climate change. Pres. Lonsdale, speaking as the leader of a small island developing state (SIDS), says “climate change is real and devastating my nation. As a long-time leader at the national level, I can confirm that the first reaction to a new challenge is most often to ignore it and hope it will go away. There are enough problems. If it won’t go away, the second reaction is to delay. If you can push it into tomorrow, it might yet go away and anyway. But here at this SIDS Conference of the Crans Montana Forum, we need to coordinate SIDS action under the Paris Agreement in a way that immediately turns the many challenges into opportunities”. President Lonsdale was speaking at the Crans Montana Foundation Awards where he received an award for his work assisting the Vanuatu’s recovery from Cyclone Pam.

“I would also like to raise our unified SIDS voice and to convey a warning to those nations that seek to ignore or delay climate action: with respect, I ask you to stand aside. Your 2°C legal obligation is not going to go away, as it is political judgment, informed by science, about the threshold beyond which the planet will no longer support a quality of life.”

Full responsibility for the employment of Director Generals is being returned to the Public Service Commission. The Chairman of the Commission, Martin Mahit, says when the Public Service Commission Act is changed, a better performance monitoring system will be in place. Decisions of Government relating to employment of senior professionals are supposed anyway to be vetted by the Commission. This has not always happened. Mahit confirmed to Radio Vanuatu News the Commission’s recognition of the importance of the role of the DGs to the service delivery of Government and the need for close monitoring of the terms of any existing DG post holder.

The voting population for yesterday’s provincial elections tallied at 24,989 Penamans, 26,492 Malampans, 38,893 Shefans and 31,141 Tafeans. More news on results as they come in.


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