Settlements receive sanitation upgrade from Port Vila Urban Development Project

One of Port Vila's many informal settlements – a symptom of lack of urban planning at all levels of government. Photo: IOM

The Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP) is improving the hygiene and sanitation of urban settlements. Settlements include the Seaside communities — Futuna, Paama and Tongoa, Tokyo Buninga plus peri-urban Ohlen Nabanga, Mele Waisisi and Blacksands Tongariki. The Vanuatu and Australian governments, the ADB are assisting, as are the people of the areas concerned who have done a lot to remove unwanted refuse and materials. Thirty-three junk collection trips have been made to the Bouffa waste site.

It appears there have been moves to unseat the CEO of the VAN2017 regional Mini Games, Clint Flood. Flood had his passport withheld at Immigration, on “ministerial direction”, on return from a  consultation in Fiji related to the Games. A series of meetings subsequently took place and ended with PM Salwai and Parliamentary Secretary Koanapo reiterating their support for VAN2017 and for CEO Flood. (Daily Post)

Prime Minister Salwai’s address to the Heads of Missions abroad meeting in Port Vila was so badly recorded by VBTC, listeners could make little sense of his remarks. Daily Post did a much better reporting job. Godwin Ligo emphasized PM Salwai tied the intended objectives of government, the overseas missions and the people of Vanuatu to the National Sustainable Development Plan running until 2030 based on Christian and Melanesian values. “The roles for you and your staff, in different missions, especially to secure new markets. are more crucial at this time than before.” The PM was underscoring the need to win foreign investors and achieve bilateral assistance. PM Salwai’s statement to the mission heads made rather more sense than their recent grizzling about insufficient budgets from Port Vila for accommodation and travel and transport.

PM Salwai strongly opposes the cutting of Radio Australia shortwave services to the Pacific. He emphasizes the need for warnings at times like those surrounding Cyclone Pam. PM Salwai mentions the lengthy post-Pam period in Vanuatu when our own communications were down, and says RA shortwave saved lives and tax dollars for assistance after the passage of the cyclone. The PM was addressing the Senate Standing Committee concerned with RA. (Daily Post)

Matthew and Hunter are in the news again after a French discussion paper arrived with the Vanuatu Council of Ministers, stories concerning the two outliers are likely to be heard again and again. Daily Post mentions the claim of the principal businessman in the pre-Independence southern islands, Bob Paul. He gave his claims to the newly independent Vanuatu when he left the country in 1980.