Cyclone Cook at Category 2 and intensifying; currently west of Efate

Image: Japan Meteorological Agency/NOAA

As predicted, a tropical cyclone – named Cook — formed overnight and is currently positioned just to the north-west of Efate. It has now intensified to a Category 2 storm, and is slowing down, with destructive storm force winds of 95km/h, gusting to 130km/h hitting Efate and islands in the rest of Shefa and Malampa provinces. Gale force winds will continue to affect Sanma, Penama provinces, then later on today, Tafea province too.

Because the cyclone is both intensifying and slowing, residents are advised to take shelter and stay indoors until further notice, as the wind speed may pick up significantly. Flash flooding and power outages have been reported on Efate.


One Comment on “Cyclone Cook at Category 2 and intensifying; currently west of Efate”

  1. Peter Whitelaw says:

    Could you please advise people that Creek Ai bridge has been washed out again near Lelepa Landing, so road is closed from Vila to Havannah Harbour & North Efate. A much higher bridge needs to be built to allow logs to pass underneath during heavy rains. Tankyu.