Vohor and Kalsakau to be released on parole tomorrow

Eligible for parole: Serge Vohor, left, and Steven Kalsakau (right). Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Graham Crumb (Vohor), supplied

Former PM Serge Vohor and former minister Steven Kalsakau will be released from prison on parole tomorrow. Eleven other former politicians are also eligible for release, several from the corrupt former government incarcerated after charges of guilt in a huge bribery case. The former Prime Minister Moana Carcasses cannot be considered for good behaviour release until at least October. Under the Leadership Code Act, their criminal convictions mean they will not be able to stand again for political office until 2025.

Workers on the Malapoa College construction site went on a one-day strike yesterday over pay issues. The contractor, Yianjian Group, argued that the long Easter break conflicted with their worker payment issues.

The Japanese construction company establishing the new Lapetasi Wharf is accused of breaching the Quarries Act by the custom owners. It is said they have not obtained a quarrying permit and have taken much more of the seabed aggregates than is allowed. The Japanese aid agency JICA was anxious to point out their strong environmental concerns when the project began.