Martin Mahe reappointed as Chairman of Public Service Commission with full backing of Govt

Martin Mahe, Chairman of the Vanuatu Public Service Commission. Photo: Supplied

Martin Mahe, Chairman of the Vanuatu Public Service Commission. Photo: Supplied

It must be encouraging for Vanuatu civil servants to see the Chairman of the Public Service Commission Martin Mahe reappointed by the Head of State with the full support of the Prime Minister. The Daily Post writes that “the creation and changes in new policies that are currently taking place in the Vanuatu Public Service aim to strengthen the sector. There are lots of positive changes that are taking place thanks to the Commission and the Government for its continuous support.” In other news from the PSC, Jacques Gedeon has been chosen to become Permanent Secretary to the Public Service Commission.

President Lonsdale has also made Chairman Martin Mahe a member of the Police Service Commission. Daily Post says Mahe is “very committed professionally” and his leadership of the chairman PSC post is considered “outstanding”. Son of former MP the late Jean-Alain Mahe, Martin Mahe has also had a guiding hand in the PSCs recent achievement — a new structure for the Ministry of Health.

The U-Bloc has reaffirmed its allegiance to the Charlot Salwai Government. U-Bloc MPs William Tasso, Ephraim Kalsakau and Albert Williams together with MP Kalo Seule of the Greens are supporting the PM and his leadership. MP Tasso also reminded Daily Post readers that the prime ministership going to Salwai was originally proposed by the Vanua’aku Pati and the National United Party supported by the Reunification Movement for Change.