Vanuatu National Council of Women celebrates 37 years

Participants at last night's 'Reclaim the Night' march marking VNCW's 37th birthday. Photo: Australian High Commission/Facebook

Participants at last night’s ‘Reclaim the Night’ march marking VNCW’s 37th birthday. Photo: Australian High Commission/Facebook

What a glorious occasion: the 37th anniversary of the Vanuatu National Council of Women demonstrating a unity that men have sought but never found. Present were women from the various founding bodies for the VNCW, anglophone and francophone, who had not seen a lot to agree about before independence, and maybe not a lot for some years thereafter. But if, as Daily Post tells us today, Madlen Kalchichi, Leias Cullwick, Hilda Lini Motarilavoa, Anita Deroin, Relvie Poilapa, could all come together yesterday to celebrate their 37th birthday, women really have achieved, and become empowered. And empowering was another key point to the celebration. On hand to participate in the anniversary was Emily or Em Pawa, the female counterpart to Nasi (short for Nasiviru), the male parrot mascot for the Van2017 Mini Games. She, Emily, is important in promoting the role of women in the Van2017 events. As Hilda Lini, Goodwill Ambassador for the 2017 Games, pointed out, women will be playing an important role in the Van2017 Games feeding residents and visitors. We will be depending a lot on young people, but today many of our young are overseas on seasonal work. She called on all the women present to help Van2017 where possible. Unity was also the main aim for the VNCW, Hilda Lini points out.

The Port Vila Urban Development Project roadworks are on schedule. A high-strength polyester grid has been used to reinforce the asphaltic concrete layer and prevent reflective cracking may be understood by some but not the two bus drivers with whom I have travelled today. Mind you, I do think they’re getting on with the job. (Daily Post)