Govt announces list of legislation to be debated at first 2017 sitting of Parliament

Vanuatu Parliament

Parliament meets in a fortnight, on Thursday 1 June. This will be the first ordinary sitting for 2017. Nine government Bills are will be debated, including financial issues such as taxation administration amendment, and amendments to VAT, business Licence, import duty, and stamp duty legislation. There are also Bills on land issues: a Land Lease Acquisition Amendment Act and another Land Lease Amendment Act, Land Reform Amendment Act, and a Strata Title Amendment Act.

Parliament’s first extraordinary sitting will follow the ordinary sitting and two Bills out of a total of 14 anticipated were discussed in today’s Daily Post. Among these are the Bill for the Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act and the 2017 Appropriation Act.

Relief shipments to the Torres islands are reportedly going well and the FRANZ coordinated relief agreement between France, Australia and New Zealand has assisted with aerial surveillance activities in co-ordination with the Vanuatu Government.

Qantas and Air Vanuatu are resuming codeshare flights to Port Vila. This follows the signing of the Bauerfield runway upgrade contract. Qantas continued to codeshare on Brisbane/Santo flights.