Gender violence and retribution a tragic mix as another death rocks Vila venue

Recently there was the violent attack that resulted in the death of Alice Karis, a staff member the War Horse Saloon. She was allegedly the victim of domestic violence. Then last weekend at the Saloon nightclub there was the beginning of another similar story ending in death. It is believed that Robson Mariki, customer in the bar, had punched his girlfriend, a staff member, while she was on duty, and staff allegedly then punched him and kicked him in the head. When Police arrived at the crime scene the badly beaten Mariki was found in the back of a truck near the saloon bar, having allegedly gone to another part of town where staff from the nightclub found him and carried him back to the War Horse Saloon. Police ordered the transfer of Mariki, still breathing, to hospital. But he drew his last breath after being taken to the emergency ward. Four suspects were then detained, including the bar manager and his attendant. The investigation remains underway.