Vanuatu’s latest hospital theatre opens in north Pentecost

The brand new Mauna operating theatre, opened yesterday in Abwatuntora, Pentecost. Photo: Gabriel Vusi Lai via Facebook

The new Mauna operating theatre, opened yesterday in Abwatuntora, Pentecost. Photo: Gabriel Vusi Lai/Facebook

Vanuatu’s latest hospital, the Mauna operating theatre in Abwatuntora on Pentecost was opened yesterday and has already seen its first patient, a patient who had reportedly travelled several times previously to Vila without being treated successfully. The man has now been operated in the new theatre on is home island and is pleased with the result. Mauna is the dream of North Pentecost chiefs and people and was first discussed in 2014. The first clinically qualified surgeon (also the first in the country), Dr Richard Leona, was at that meeting and shared the dream of the Raga people. The community raised the money to build the hospital by selling their produce, by appealing to friends overseas and the Government gave the final icing on the cake, Vt 1.3 million. At the opening, Minister Ralph Regenvanu, quoting President Kennedy, observed: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Certainly the Raga people showed a positive unity in their community. Specialist surgeons and doctors will be brought in from around the region and the public will be notified what services are available. (Daily Post)

Applications for the presidential election on Monday are coming in, but we know little more other than there were 37 applying. It will be a hard task. It took a long time to elect the late Baldwin Lonsdale. His successor has to meet certain standards which will be nothing short of superhuman.

Ifira Trustees has entered into an agreement to acquire the lease to land adjacent to the Grand Hotel. This is where taxi boats collect passengers for the small island resort. Discussions between the Ifira chief and shareholders from Iririki took place yesterday. Negotiations continue. (Daily Post)

The Medical superintendent of Vila Central Hospital has said that the full report concerning the acceptance of Fr Baldwin Lonsdale, the late President, into care at VCH is very soon to be released to the Minister of Health. Many questions have been raised by the grieving general public. (VBTC)

Minister of Lands Regenvanu has today released details of the spending he plans for GJP in the coming financial year and the details of payments already released for the present period. The land at Tagabe which goes up to the Bauerfield runways is to be declared a green space for the residents of Tagabe to enjoy, the Ministry said, in conformance with the Government’s 100-day plan.