Official candidate list for Presidential election released

candidate list for Vanuatu president

The head of the Vanuatu National Council of Chiefs, Chief Teni Mao Tirsupe, on the eve of the arrival of the members of the Vanuatu Electoral College in the capital, urged the college members to well consider the character and example of the recently deceased Head of State, President Fr Baldwin (Womtelo) Lonsdale who had given an immense legacy as regards leadership. He said everyone would now see the standard set by Womtelo as one which had to be maintained so loved and respected was the former leader. “The nation was always his first priority,” said Chief Tirsupe. He also urged Electoral College members not to vote with any consideration of politics in mind, as has become habitual in Vanuatu. He also saw the President as the symbol of unity Vanuatu had long desired. He made the broadcast on behalf of all chiefs of the country.

The list of applicants for Head of State for the Republic of Vanuatu has been released by the Electoral Commission. They are:

  • Sam Dan Avock
  • Joshua Bong
  • Hamlison Bulu
  • Reginald Garoleo
  • Dunstan Hilton
  • Louis Kalnpel
  • Maxime Carlot Korman
  • Pastor Doroline Laloyer
  • Solomon Laurence
  • John Leeman
  • Selwyn Leodoro
  • Raymond Malapa
  • Tallis Obed Moses
  • Lui Patu Navuko
  • Barak Sope
  • John Morris Tarilama

The office of the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court is seeking proof from users of the title of commissioner of oaths regarding their appointments. Court, bank, business and company officials are asked to inform the Chief Registrar of their persons on the role. Every particular is required. It was said that this move is required to avoid mis-use of the system to record trusts in Vanuatu. Reappointments will be required.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is wanting to revive the Vanuatu Non-Government Association, VANGO. VANGO is not operating effectively as required. A taskforce committee has been appointed to bring back the body and to set new objectives and working arrangements.

Vanuatu has often spoken of the international need of Pacific Islands to work together. Recent collaborative successes in the island countries have stemmed from an ability to work in this manner and RAMSI has shown this to be possible. Vanuatu Deputy PM Joe Natuman reported this while in the Solomons where RAMSI was closed in the presence of all the leaders from around the region who have played their part.


4 Comments on “Official candidate list for Presidential election released”

  1. Lionel Tom says:

    We need a president who has wisdom and reflects godly character in leadership; A servant leader who leads with integrity (leading with God watching). We discourage leaders who are driven by worldly desires (money), selfish and self-centered and not people oriented leader. God guides the Electoral college members to elect a right leader for us. Amen.


  2. sonny foreman says:

    Same dishonest candidates for the last 20 years


    • It’s a poor pool of candidates, overall. And certainly almost every politician on the list is of questionable virtue, and some have giant black flags against their names. The strongest candidate by far is Ps Doroline Laloyer – and it is way past time that Vanuatu had a woman as head of state