New President calls for an end to domestic violence

President of Vanuatu Tallis Obed Moses. Photo: Supplied

President of Vanuatu Tallis Obed Moses. Photo: Supplied

The new President retains the headlines in the news this week, and just as well when we seem to be experiencing an increase in violent crime, especially as regards domestic relationships. President Tallis Obed Moses in his first address to the people of Vanuatu at Paton Memorial Church reminded his audience: “We declared the Nation in Yahweh’s name and no other God. So now I would like to call on all Vanuatu to be serious in living in God maintaining togetherness and unity. Do the people of Vanuatu see themselves in God? This [is] to be transformed into his likeness … to love and not kill each other. To see as in God is to live in peace and not in violence in the homes and in the streets.” (Daily Post today)


The Northern Provincial Hospital has been pleased to announce the acquisition of a bronchoscope for diagnosis and treatment of airway and lung problems in children. The Australian Catholic University responded to an appeal by the head of the Children’s Ward at the NPH Ms Helivson Tabi for the equipment. The equipment will enable the location of obstructions in the children’s respiratory systems. Objects as small as seeds can cause serious illness and even death in young children and the bronchoscope will aid the prevention of such deaths.

The Prime Minister has been visiting road projects in Tanna, and with Chinese Ambassador Liu Quan has seen some of the major engineering works carried out by CCECC: 62 culverts and 6 bridges have been involved. The longest steel truss bridge at Lenakel covers 21 metres. The PM said he is happy with the works so far and hopes for an early completion.