China opens new embassy in Port Vila to mark 35 years of diplomatic relations

China's new embassy in Pango, Port Vila. Photo: ©

China’s new embassy in Nambatri, Port Vila. Photo: ©

A new Chinese Embassy building has opened at Nambatri. Ambassador Liu Quan and Prime Minister Charlot Salwai unveiled a plaque at the vast premises on Tuesday marking the opening of the landmark building we all have been watching grow in Vila. It cements the 35th anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations between the two Pacific states. The Ambassador spoke of the highlights of the year just passed and those continuing: visits to Vanuatu of the Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress and Vice Foreign Minister. Vanuatu’s Finance Minister visited China. The Chinese Navy visit won China many friends and 200 Ni-Vanuatu students attended training courses in China. There is a second parliamentary delegation travelling to China in August. Then there will be the handing over of the new main wharf at Santo. One highlight of the year will be the surrender to PM Salwai of the Prime Minister’s Offices. And October sees Korman Stadium ready for the Pacific Mini Games. Ambassador Liu Quan said the “achievements just listed belong to the past and China cannot wait to crete a brighter future for China-Vanuatu relations.” Ambassador Liu Quan was one of the first to congratulate Vanuatu on the anniversary celebrations coming up on July 30. Festivities have started opening at a variety of different locations.