‘Yu Luk Mi Luk Yu’ portrait prize exhibition opening 2nd August at Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery

'BJ' by Arlene Bax

‘BJ’ by Arlene Bax

Yu Luk Mi Luk Yu — a new portrait prize and exhibition — will open Wednesday 2nd August, 5pm at the Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery on Pango Rd, Port Vila.

Throughout art history the portrait has been a means for the artist to record stories of people, place and the subject’s impact on their life. Today, considering the barrage of negativity found in mainstream media everywhere and a human thirst for tales of scandal, the Yu Luk Mi Luk Yu portrait exhibition attempts to show and tell positive stories of people from Vanuatu from artists’ point of view.

'Vev (Mum)' by Phillipa Sivehi

‘Vev (Mum)’ by Phillipa Sivehi

Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery invited artists to participate in the exhibition by submitting portraits of a chosen Ni-Vanuatu subject or a subject chosen in connection with life and nature. The subjects within the artworks are required to be someone known to the artist, who inspires the artist. Equally important is the story about the subject which is required to accompany the portrait and give the audience further insight.

'Letty Iman' by Holly Pepper

‘Letty Iman’ by Holly Pepper

The Gallery has received great support from Bred Bank, The Australian High Commission, Sharper Image, Darren Billings Picture Framing, Vila Distribution Hardware and Stop Press via the donations of artists’ materials as prizes.

'Nomurep Marima' by Juliette Pita

‘Nomurep Marima’ by Juliette Pita

Prizes will be judged across various categories and mediums by judges considering the quality and connection invoked by the artwork. Additionally, a people’s choice award will be voted on by visitors to the Gallery.

The opening evening, Wednesday August 2, will coincide with the Fondation’s monthly fundraising event and will feature kakae, kava and drinks. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.

For more info, visit Fondation Suzanne Bastien on Facebook or phone +678 24991. The exhibition closes August 30.



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  1. sonny says:

    excellent work, The Ni-Vanuatu people.