Vanuatu mulls import ban on plastic bags and bottles

Vanuatu PM Salwai says Govt is looking at implementing a plastic ban – please show your support by signing this petition!

PM Salwai says Govt is looking at implementing a ban – please show your support by signing this petition!

Almost all of us, whether urban or rural, knows Port Vila to be considered a place of great beauty, praised by visitors from overseas and locals alike. And it is being made more and more attractive all the time with the Seafront development and Fatumaru Bay project, which will bring the tourists in. There is really good news ahead: the Prime Minister has committed Vanuatu to a ban on plastic bags and bottles. In his Independence Day speech, PM Salwai recognised the efforts of a number of concerned individuals who started the No Plastik Bag Plis campaign so very recently. A paper and online version of this petition for stronger regulation to minimise plastic pollution still needs signatures, and Vanuatu Digest encourages everyone to sign. Luganville is also intended as a municipal partner in this project. And it is hoped it can become a nationwide campaign. Vanuatu will likely become the first island country in the Pacific region to implement a policy like this. (Daily Post)

PM Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas, also in his official Independence Day speech, once again repeated the mantra that Vanuatu could not really be free until every country seeking independence in the Pacific is truly independent. The PM’s simple statement amounts to a promise by the Salwai Government which cannot be re-interpreted. And the statement is appreciated when leaders like PM Salwai use it.

The Vanuatu Project Management Unit (VPMU) says project preparation work towards the World Bank-funded Bauerfield renovation and modernisation project is proceeding well. Work will be under way next month as materials and machinery are already being prepared. The VPMU has been holding talks with Erangorango people and residents of the Switi area near the works.

The matriarch of a leading North Pentecost family, Amy Binihi, was awarded a medal on Independence Day by the Head of State for the sterling service she provided in the early years of the Vanuatu Public Service. She helped set up the Government Training Centre, she brought budgeting to Government after a quickly arranged USP training, and she set up the Save the Children Fund in Vanuatu. Amy and her husband even hid certain wanted VP leading politicians around the time of Independence under their bed in their Abwatuntora house. A woman of many parts.


3 Comments on “Vanuatu mulls import ban on plastic bags and bottles”

  1. Prof. Len Messina says:

    I applaud your proposed ban on plastics. Vanuatu will be a world leader in this area! Congrats.

    ––Prof. Len Messina
    Middletown, CT


  2. Margie says:

    love Vanuatu and am all for NO PLASTIK in our Oceans


  3. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    It would make sense if shops charge shoppers 5vt per each plastic bag as tax . We been doing that the last few years .