Visa-free travel between Vanuatu and South Korea a boost for tourism

South Korea flag

The Vanuatu and South Korea governments are planning a simplified, visa-free entry procedure for visitors from one country to the other. The Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament have been in the Philippines for the meeting that marks 50 years of ASEAN, which has been widely covered by world media.

Reserve Bank Governor Simeon Athy has drawn attention to the importance of the new draft national payments system law, about to go before Parliament. Consultations have taken place in the capital and are planned for the provinces, he says. The general public must fully understand, he told Radio Vanuatu News today. It seems there is still some distance to go as chance conversations in kava bars and buses suggest.

22 ni-Vanuatu students were awarded scholarships to study in China last weekend, provided by the Chinese Government and presented by and China’s Ambassador to Vanuatu, Liu Quan. The 22 were selected from Malapoa College, Port Vila Central School and USP Emalus Campus. Last year there were only 13 awardees.