Vanuatu’s national broadcaster has six months to reform—or perish

The state-owned broadcaster of Radio Vanuatu and TV Blong Vanuatu has spent unwisely and standards have been steadily dropping for decades. It’s just as well the Government has Francis Herman, ex-Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, advising them now. Herman has weathered most of Fiji’s coups and continued to ensure responsible reporting throughout. Over recent years he has become a Vanuatu media veteran working hard to push the region’s and Australia’s objectives for Pacific wide quality media standards as head of Pacmas, the Australian Government-funded Pacific Media Assistance Scheme. If anyone can turn VBTC around and do it in six months it is Francis Herman. His colleagues wish him well.

Many VBTC staff have been terminated recently, Daily Post informs us. There have also been terminations at the Port Vila town hall on a fairly broad scale. Many such dismissals are said to be illegal and court cases have stemmed from the action.


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  1. Frank Morgan says:

    You have a great man in Francis Herman, who remembers the solid days of Bob Makin. Good luck, FM

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