Breaking news: Vanuatu Govt orders evacuation of entire 11,100 population of Ambae

Breaking: the Vanuatu Government’s Council of Ministers has ordered the mass evacuation of the entire population of Ambae – approximately 11,100 people, according to the 2016 mini-census — on the advice of the Vanuatu Meteorological and Geo-hazards Dept, who are reporting increasing activity of the Manaro Voui volcano including flying lava, poisonous volcanic gas, acid rain and ash falls.

RNZI is reporting that Ambae’s population will be evacuated by ship to the neighbouring islands of Maewo, Espiritu Santo, Pentecost and Malakula.

The new order follows evacuations earlier this week of the populations of whole villages in the south of the island who were relocated to east of Ambae.

The Vanuatu Prime Minister’s Office is currently holding a press conference about the order and we will have more details later.


3 Comments on “Breaking news: Vanuatu Govt orders evacuation of entire 11,100 population of Ambae”

  1. Dream says:

    Mat god be with them? The same god that made the volcano is it?


  2. edmon pierre says:

    Am very sorry for the peoples of ambae may god be with them, please government must do something quick before it happens.