Au revoir from Bob Makin

Bob Makin

An announcement from Vanuatu Digest’s main contributor Bob Makin:

“I am finishing up here until further notice.”

“My future plans with Vanuatu Digest are on hold owing to temporary or more permanent relocation. I know that the Vanuatu Digest is appreciated by those who love Vanuatu and I regret having to end my involvement for that reason more than any other.”

“Thank you for having stayed with us since July 2012.”

—Bob Makin


43 Comments on “Au revoir from Bob Makin”

  1. Augustine Kalorib says:

    Au revoir Bob! Fafetai for the immense contributions you have made working with Vanuatu Digest. Am going to miss reading your articles. You made the reading worthwhile!!!

    Atua soina akoe! (God be with you)


  2. Gilles says:

    Hi Bob,
    Sad news ; I don’t know the reason for the break ; just hope it’s not a consequence of some health issues.
    It was a such a great pleasure for me to meet you in 2014, after 40 years.
    wish you all the best in this new situation
    Au revoir et merci
    South of France


  3. dazzafox says:

    Hi Bob: Thanks for all your efforts over the years both in broadcasting at Radio Vila / Radio Vanuatu and in written / electronic journalism. You have been instrumental in keeping many people informed of what has been happening in Vanuatu – a place which has a special place in the hearts of many. I wish you well for the future. Should you be in AUS in would be good to meet up and if in Canberra, you will be most welcome at our place. Take Care. Au Revoir and Fond Regards. Darryl Fallow


  4. Leni J Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for all your efforts and contributions on Vanuatu Digest! Had pleasure to read your articles! You are the beacon of lights!
    Very sad to see you go, Mr Bob Makin 😪
    Wish you well in your relocation and future with God’s blessing 💐💚


  5. Morrison Kalmaire says:

    Sorry to hear about that. What you have been providing, it updates me and my friends and colleagues daily. Thank you very much for your time, effort, hard work dedication.


    morrison kalmaire

    Shefa Provincial Trainer

    Shefa Education Office

    PMB 9027


    God’s blessings be upon you always!



  6. Desmond Ross says:

    Bob, since my wife and i left there in 2008 i have read the Digest as a way to keep in touch with Vanuatu. I was first CEO of AVL an then first GM of PASO and we were part of Vanuatu life for almost 9 years, so your news letter has been a very important connection back to the nation.
    You will be sadly missed and we wish you well.
    Des Ross


  7. Dear Bob

    It has been a great job you did for not just Vanuatu Digest but for the Media industry in Vanuatu since even before independence. You have been an icon for trusted real news in Vanuatu. Sad to hear you are leaving but you have done well and Vanuatu will always remember your great work for years to come. I have been on the digest ever since you started it and will miss it.

    I wish you all the best in your future with God’s blessings.

    Thank you Tumas


  8. Don Miller says:

    All the best for the future Bob. We have greatly valued your contribution over the years. Take care.


  9. Alexander Macfarlane says:

    Many good wishes Bob, for whatever lies ahead. Your Digest has kept us so well informed and in touch with Vanuatu, and you will be sorely missed. Lesley & Sandy Macfarlane.

    PS: Much enjoyed my stay with you in 2014, Bob. Trust you are not leaving because the islands are being engulfed by the seas due to Clmate Change!!! Sandy


  10. Derek Fountaine says:

    Ta ta Bob, Thanks for your on line comments on the Digest and your personal Friendship for so many years. Wishing you all the very best for the future, whatever it holds. Vila just won’t be the same without your smiling face on the streets. Evelyn and I hope you will not be absent from Vila for too long.


  11. Sian Mexsom says:

    Thank you so much Bob for all that you have done to bring news of Vanuatu to a wide audience, especially to those of us who are no longer residents. Your analysis is invaluable, and your choice of phrase and humour will be sorely missed. Every good wish for the next chapter.


  12. Michael Taurakoto says:

    Thank you Bob for all your hard work and support over the years. Sad to see you leaving Daily Digest but trust you will see to it that it continues the important role it plays to enrich Vanuatu’s media. Wishing you all the best for the future.


  13. IAN WALLACE says:

    Hello Bob Makin I have a son Peter, who is privileged to work in Vanuatu. One of the ways we keep in touch on opposite sides of the world, is through your newsletter which helps inform me of current issues where he is. I therefore, thank you for your efforts and wish you well in the future wherever that might lie. Regards Ian Wallace


  14. scottmcdadewilsonhotmailcom says:

    Aw Bob – you cannot leave us – You are a legend that has given so much and provided a wonderful and informative service! HERE’S WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST IF YOU DO NOT RETURN BUT WE ALL HOPE YOU DO GOOD SIR!

    Kind Regards,

    Scott Wilson


  15. Dear Bob
    Very sorry to learn of your departure and relocation.
    On behalf of the many hundreds of British Friends of Vanuatu in U.K. and around the world, thank you for the years of reliable news and information via the Independent, the Daily Post and the brilliant Digest. We will be lost without you.
    Norman Shackley
    Editor, ‘Nabanga’


  16. Simon Swale says:

    Dear Bob, this sounds like the end of an era. You have provided an exceptional and invaluable service – not just the Digest, but to all the media organisations that you have enabled and fostered, not to mention your mentoring role for other journalists in Vanuatu. I hope that there are others who may be able to maintain the Digest in your absence, if so I wish them ever y success and will continue to look forward to the news from a place that is very dear to my heart. With very best wishes to you as you adjust to the changes!


  17. Sue says:

    Dear Bob
    You and your journalistic integrity will be missed. Go well.


  18. Joe Mulders says:

    Bob, Many thanks for keeling us informed about the islands for so many years and as Kath said: It became our Home. Keep in touch, but I doubt if we shall make another return trip. So the best of Luck Bob and : Bon Courage ! Kindest regards, Joe PS. As to to the bronze plaque on the SFNH building, as to the signing of the Condominium, it disappeared, somehow returned to us, the Chamber of Commerce. Made the mistake of giving it back to Mr.Elziere, the Manager of SFNH instead of our Museum. So…



  19. kmunyard says:

    Hey Bob ..sad to hear your off to unknown places..tks for great effort in keeping the bastards honest. Who will do that now ?
    If you are ever in Brisbane always spare bed at our joint.
    Take care.


  20. Chris keleb says:

    Well done bro.


  21. Iain Haggarty says:

    Dear Bob, Thank you so much for everything. I hope the relocation either temporary or permanent goes well.
    Yours aye, Iain


  22. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    Take Care Bob and good hunting . May AHAYAH bless & be with you .


  23. Peter murgatroyd says:

    All the best Bob. Have greatly enjoyed reading the Digest over the last five years – although not as enjoyable as hearing the latest news and rumours first hand over a shell or two at Maewo. Hopefully will catch up again over Christmas / New Year. Best wishes, Peter Murgatroyd


  24. Dear Bob,

    Sad to hear that you’re bidding au revoir to a job that you conceived and bore the brunt of. I know how you must be feeling, and trust that you will keep in touch with us for as long as you can manage it. I had my stroke nearly 12 yrs ago and now they tell me that I’m in remission, so while there is life there is hope. I shall pass your message on to Mick and to Marsali McKinnon, who both speak very highly of you. All best,


    With Margot and our daughter Lucy at Kirribilli House, Sydney

    Mick with Lucy’s daughter Liv and his own Harriet



  25. Chris Hindes says:

    Stirling effort Bob, you deserve a break. Warm regards, Chris


  26. Caroline says:

    So sorry to hear you’re going Bob. Take care


  27. William Fisher says:

    Dear Bob What a great contribution you’ve made not just to the digest but to Vanuatu as a nation. Kerry and I wish you all the best. Where is the new location? Cheers Bill Fisher


  28. Albert says:

    Hi Bob,I’am glad your having a break to re energize met you some years ago ,i had idea’s of moving to Luganville big island or Aroe island.never made it to paradise ,wanted a quite live.
    so working on the Vanuatu digest has given me news i like to hear from the island.thank you.


  29. Alain-Frederic Obed says:

    We will miss you Bob, thank you for your great contribution in towards the building of our nation.

    Best regards,

    Alain-Frederic Obed

    Insolvency,Legal,Compliance & Enforcement

    Tel: (678) 22247,Fax: (678) 22242

    Visit our website:


  30. Bridget Dearlove says:

    I have so enjoyed your postings which gave such an interesting and informed view of Vanuatu.
    Best wishes for the future


  31. Richard Butler says:

    We will miss you Bob good luck and thanks for all the stories regards Richard Butler


  32. Owen Drew says:

    Hello Bob, Regret to hear that you are leaving, we have known each other for a long time here from the early days after independence through the good and rough times and the topsy turvy last few years. We are all getting on, so hope your new plans work out well. Will miss your comments and the occasional visit to the Kava bar.


  33. ROWAN DOWNING says:

    Dear Bob,
    Thank you so very much for your work. You may not know it, but your contribution has been of very great importance to the international community, as well as to those who have , or have had, a personal involvement with Vanuatu.

    Very best wishes
    for the future

    Rowan Downing


  34. Paul de Villers says:

    Thank you Bob for the good work, I have read each and every post from the Vanuatu Digest, and actually I believed that you were the only contributor !!! Best wishes for whatever wind you’re going to face now. God bless. Paul de Villers


  35. Rick Balkonan says:

    Au revoir indeed Bob. You have been an inspiration! Vanuatu Digest has been an invaluable platform and will be sorely missed. All the very best for now.


  36. Sean Dorney says:

    Well done Bob!


  37. Joe Mulders says:

    Good morning, Bob. Thank you so much for keeping us “up to date” with the goings on in Vanuatu.. As expected we do not know many of the persons mentioned but having lived in New Hebrides for so long it was our “home”. We are fortunate that we are still here, even though there are the usual aches that come with age. Joe is now 90 and I am not that far behind. Maurice, Jenny , Pascal (14) and Louie (12) live on the north side of Brisbane. We do see them from time to time; but their weekends seem top be taken up playing sport!! Maurice tells us “look what you missed out on by sending me to boarding school”!! Bob, we wish you the very best. Until we meet again, Joe and Kath. PS. Did you ever track down the plaque from the CFNH building???? ________________________________


  38. Darren says:

    Thank yu tumas lo service we yu bin provaedem. Wishing you all the best.


  39. Joe Pakoa says:

    Appreciate much your commitment informing us on what is happening in Vanuatu. Thanks Sir.

    God Bless.

    Ni sa Moce,
    Joe from Bula land.


  40. Mark says:

    Every blessing on your next chapter… thank you. Is there any alternative?


  41. Tessa Fowler says:

    I very much like your gracious farewell. Well done on and thank you for being interesting for so long. Tessa Fowler


  42. tessnc says:

    Hi Bob Sorry to hear you are not going to be working with the Vanuatu digest, at least for a while.

    Thank you for all you’ve done to get this really important service to where it is today.

    How are things with you, are you having some time away from Vila? Bye for now Tess