Cyclone Cook at Category 2 and intensifying; currently west of Efate

Image: Japan Meteorological Agency/NOAA

As predicted, a tropical cyclone – named Cook — formed overnight and is currently positioned just to the north-west of Efate. It has now intensified to a Category 2 storm, and is slowing down, with destructive storm force winds of 95km/h, gusting to 130km/h hitting Efate and islands in the rest of Shefa and Malampa provinces. Gale force winds will continue to affect Sanma, Penama provinces, then later on today, Tafea province too.

Because the cyclone is both intensifying and slowing, residents are advised to take shelter and stay indoors until further notice, as the wind speed may pick up significantly. Flash flooding and power outages have been reported on Efate.

Two years on from Cyclone Pam, local band DropVkal Family sends musical message – climate change is ‘Dangerous’

Vanuatu band DropVkal Family is known for its incisive social messages as much as it is for its hard-edged roots-rock-reggae fusion sound – and their latest track, ‘Dangerous’, released to mark the second anniversary of Cyclone Pam, is no exception.

The band’s musical vision is to promote vernacular languages and give an alternative to the mainstream reggae sound popular in Vanuatu. They perform regularly at bars and restaurants around Port Vila, playing Saturday nights at the Saloon Bar, and Sunday afternoons at the Beach Bar at Mele. They are also available to play special events.

“We’re a group of friends from different islands of Vanuatu that have come together because of our love of music, and our interest in contributing to the development of Vanuatu and its special local culture”, says Read the rest of this entry »

Giving our children sustainable futures through multilingual education: Vanuatu’s UN Ambassador speaks on International Mother Languages Day

Odo Tevi, Vanuatu's Ambassador to the United Nations

Odo Tevi, Vanuatu’s Ambassador to the United Nations

Speech by Odo Tevi, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Vanuatu to the United Nations, New York, in Commemoration of the International Mother Language Day, 21st February 2017

I have the honour to provide remarks this evening on the important theme: “Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education”. This topic is timely given that we are celebrating the ‘International Mother Language Day’ today.

This is also important as we are embarking on Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Tanna’ filmmakers respond to exploitation claims

Comment made to Vanuatu Daily Digest claiming exploitation by the filmmakers who made 'Tanna'

Comment made to Vanuatu Daily Digest claiming exploitation by the filmmakers of Tanna

Knee-jerk resentment of someone else’s success, as elsewhere, is sadly a feature of Vanuatu life, so the kind of comment seen above, prompted by that Tanna‘s global success (and now Oscar nomination), is not unexpected.

Exploitation is a serious claim to make, however, so we are taking this opportunity to set the record straight Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking news: Tanna nominated for Academy Award for best foreign language film

Poster for Academy Award-nominated film Tanna, shot in Vanuatu

In a first for film in Vanuatu and the Pacific islands region, The film Tanna, shot on location in Vanuatu using a local, untrained cast of actors, has been officially nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film by the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Tanna was co-directed by  Read the rest of this entry »