Two years on from Cyclone Pam, local band DropVkal Family sends musical message – climate change is ‘Dangerous’

Vanuatu band DropVkal Family is known for its incisive social messages as much as it is for its hard-edged roots-rock-reggae fusion sound – and their latest track, ‘Dangerous’, released to mark the second anniversary of Cyclone Pam, is no exception.

The band’s musical vision is to promote vernacular languages and give an alternative to the mainstream reggae sound popular in Vanuatu. They perform regularly at bars and restaurants around Port Vila, playing Saturday nights at the Saloon Bar, and Sunday afternoons at the Beach Bar at Mele. They are also available to play special events.

“We’re a group of friends from different islands of Vanuatu that have come together because of our love of music, and our interest in contributing to the development of Vanuatu and its special local culture”, says Read the rest of this entry »


MUSIC VIDEO: Filmed in Vanuatu, The Black Seeds ‘One by One’

Fest’Napuan international dub reggae act the Black Seeds, a New Zealand group who performed at the 2007 festival, filmed this music video around Efate while they were here in Vanuatu.

Some trivia for you: the Black Seeds’ vocalist is none other than Bret McKenzie of musical-comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, who Read the rest of this entry »

3pm today: a musical celebration of Vanuatu’s resilience after Cyclone Pam

The musicians who will be performing at this afternoon's Kivhan fundraising event

Some of the musicians performing at this afternoon’s Kivhan fundraising event. Photo: Alcina Garae

Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan artists and festival organizers are organizing a mini-Kivhan Festival and fundraiser today (Friday 11 March 2016), 3pm–9pm at Wan Smol Bag.

All money raised will go towards Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan’s milestone project, rebuilding the Marae Community Hall on Emae island, which was destroyed during Cyclone Pam.

Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan artists and musicians are inviting the general public, business houses, communities to come to the fundraiser as it will also be a celebration of music one year after Cyclone Pam. 

Here’s the live bands and hip hop dance who’ll be performing:

  • Drovicool
  • Masamp Crew
  • Modern Roots
  • Realistik
  • Smol Fyah
  • Young Life
  • Jayvii
  • Darrel (Saxo)
  • Krassrut
  • Concerners
  • Alme System
  • Vanua Zouk

The entrance fee is only 50vt. There will be lots of island food, fresh fish from Marae community, BBQ wings, kava, and the 2015 Zion Fest DVD will all be on sale.

Kivhan organizers thank all partners and sponsors towards tomorrow’s fundraiser.

Lukim yufala!

Video : Fest’Napuan ! La musique au cœur du Vanuatu

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Video: For all the lovers… of Vanuatu stringband music

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Here’s Mosuakea string band performing in Dunedin, New Zealand to put you in the mood.

Music Video: A message to you on Election Day, Mr. Ni-Vanuatu (and Mrs/Miss Ni-Vanuatu too)

Local musicians JAY-V ft. Kyman-JEH have a musical message for the people of Vanuatu on Election Day 2016… [Click on image below to watch on Facebook]

screenshot from music video 'Mr Ni-Vanuatu' by JAY-V ft. Kyman-JEH