GJP gains additional seat in parliament after recount; Air New Zealand not acting in good faith, says Vanuatu Govt

Graon mo Jastis Party's Gillion William: elected to Efate Rural on recount

Graon mo Jastis Party’s Gillion William: elected MP for Rural Efate following recount

Graon mo Jastis Pati now has another seat in Parliament bringing their total to seven. The court-ordered recount for the 2016 General Election results for the rural Efate constituency placed Gillion William three votes ahead of Nato Taiwia of the Melanesian Progressive Party. A Government Gazette issued this morning announced Gillion William as the winner of the Efate constituency which had previously been awarded to Taiwia. Gillion William will be sworn in in the next sitting of Parliament.

Vanuatu Government refused an Air New Zealand charter flight scheduled for April 28 for taking RSE workers in and out of the country. Minister Jotham Napat says the Government questions why Air New Zealand’s refuses to reinstate its Auckland-Vila service, citing concerns with the runway —yet has no apparent concerns to operate a charter flight carrying ni-Vanuatu workers.” “The question must be asked”, says Minister of Public Utilities and Infrastructure Jotham Napat, “why are they willing to operate a profitable charter flight, yet not commit to resuming commercial services?”

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Election recount for Efate; Air Vanuatu Board terminated; money missing in provinces

Air Vanuatu's new 737-800

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Parliament to debate Budget next week; Minister warns VNPF on losing streak; Vila Wharf management plan ready

VNPF Building , Port Vila. Photo: Jean Van Jean

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Natuman conspiracy case decision delayed; Luganville mayor loses seat; Chinese investor imprisoned for smuggling

Former Vanuatu PM Joe Natuman

Former PM Joe Natuman. Photo: Wikimedia/Graham Crumb

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Standing up to be counted: Women of Vanuatu demanding their place in the political life of the nation

Too often disenfranchised by culture… women voters during Vanuatu's 2016 General Election. Photo: Commonwealth Secretariat

Disenfranchised by culture… women voters during Vanuatu’s 2016 General Election. Photo: Commonwealth Secretariat

“Respect”, as Father Walter Lini famously said, “is honourable”. But despite the enormous social, economic and cultural contributions they make every day, Vanuatu’s women are rarely given the respect they deserve; they continue to be shut out of political life. And yet, as the scandals of the last 12 months have shown, Vanuatu urgently needs better, more representative political leadership. Vanuatu’s full potential can only be realized when it has a gender-balanced leadership that includes, respects and values the enriching perspectives that women bring to political life. Today, on International Womens’ Day, we bring you the powerful story of a Vanuatu woman leader’s journey as she stands up for the right to take part in politics.

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Five Opposition MPs join Govt; 13 electoral petitions; Vanuatu gives vt10M disaster aid to Fiji; China digital TV project raises questions

A severely damaged village in northern Fiji

Vt10 million from Vanuatu for TC Winston disaster relief… a severely damaged village in northern Fiji. Photo: NZ Defence Force

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MP Havo Molisale passes away in Santo

havo-molisaleLeader of Nagriamel movement, MP for Malo/Aore and 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament Havo Molisale has passed away this evening (Tuesday) in Santo, surrounded by friends and family.

He was Nagriamel’s first elected member of Parliament in 2008, a caretaker Foreign Minister in the preceding Kilman government and one of three successful Nagriamel candidates in the January 22 General Election.

His death will mean a by-election for the constituency of Malo/Aore in the near future. GJP’s candidate Uri Warawara was the runner-up in the constituency in the January 22 General Election.