Upgrade needed for plant to allow for locally-caught fish to be exported from Vanuatu, says Govt

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The Vanuatu Government is fully committed to the agreement made with the CNFC Overseas Fishery Corporation of China signed in Beijing in 2004 in relation to the Blacksands fish processing plant. Minister Matai Seremaiah wants the plant fully renovated, he told those present for the offload of frozen fish at the main wharf last Friday. Minister Seremaiah appealed to the task force for the Sino-Van fishery comprising officials of his Fisheries Department and MIPU to work together to ensure deadlines are set for the completion of the work at Blacksands. He says it is very frustrating that fish caught in Vanuatu waters by Chinese vessels carrying Vanuatu flags were being unloaded in Fiji and the catch sold as produce of Fiji. (Daily Post, yesterday)

A letter to the Daily Post from the VNPF Commision of Inquiry (CoI) Chairman clarifies Read the rest of this entry »