Northern Vanuatu’s main hospital cuts services due to staff shortages

Severely understaffed: Luganville's Northern Districts Hospital

Severely understaffed: Luganville’s Northern Districts Hospital

Northern District Hospital is facing an acute staffing shortage. Only some 24 out of 50 contracts issued by hospital management last October have been approved by Read the rest of this entry »


Vanuatu 6th in world for diabetes; Chiefs to get more power, says Justice Minister

Halt the rise Be active Eat healthy Follow medical advice If in doubt, check! Follow medical advice

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Happy Chiefs’ Day Vanuatu!

Vanuatu kastom is alive and thriving in 2016, as displayed here in these images and video taken yesterday at the inauguration of the new paramount chief of Mangaliliu, Mormor (the fourth in the lineage).

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Photography by Adam Trau and Rex Turi.