Time to get ready: cyclone headed our way [updated]

Infrared satelliite image by NOAA

[Update #2 10:15pm 8/4 VUT] Vanuatu Meteorological Services has issued a Tropical Cyclone Warning for a tropical low currently still sitting between Pentecost, Malakula and Ambrym at letter G, number 6 on the Vanuatu cyclone tracking map. The system is not yet a named tropical cyclone, but is expected to form by 6am (Sunday 9/4) as it travels slowly south, according to VMS’s latest warning #5.

Gale force wind warnings are in effect for the Banks group, and Malampa, Penama, and Sanma provinces. Gale force winds are predicted for Shefa province within the next 24 hours. The expected cyclone may reach Category 1 strength offshore west of Efate by 5am tomorrow (Sunday 9/4) before moving towards New Caledonia.

Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map Number 9 issued at 8:59 pm VUT Saturday 8 April 2017

Vanuatu Meteorological Services advises residents to listen to the radio or visit to their website for updates.

We will actively update this page as news breaks. 

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Improved cyclone tracking map issued ahead of next cyclone season

Vanuatu Meteorological Services's new cyclone tracking map, June 2016. Click on the image to load a larger version.

Vanuatu Meteorological Services’s new cyclone tracking map, June 2016. Click on the image to load a larger version.

A new and improved tropical cyclone tracking map has been issued by Vanuatu Meteorological Services. It shows the updated frequencies and times of broadcast of cyclone warnings. And there are sketches of the likely effects caused over land by the different categories of cyclones. Click on the image  Read the rest of this entry »

No debate about VBTC’s China TV plan, meanwhile Radio Vanuatu coverage disappears during cyclone season


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Red alert issued for Tafea Province as Cyclone Ula nears

Cyclone Ula satellite animation from wunderground.com

Cyclone Ula satellite animation from wunderground.com

A Red Alert for Cyclone Ula is in effect for the south of Tafea Province, according to the latest advisory from Vanuatu Meteorological Services’ Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre issued at 8:54pm Sunday 10/1.

Update 8:30am VUT 11/1/2015: The NDMO has given the All Clear for Tafea Province. As the cyclone is slowly moving away from Vanuatu waters, this will be the final update on Severe Tropical Cyclone Ula unless the cyclone turns back.

Residents of the affected parts of Tafea province are advised to take shelter from the cyclone immediately.

Overnight, heavy rain and flooding in low-lying coastal areas and riverbanks are expected in the affected areas, along with very rough to phenomenal seas with heavy swells.

Winds at the centre are currently at 175km/hr and intensifying. Damaging strong to gale force 65–75km/hr winds will continue to affect Aneityum, Futuna and south Tanna overnight. The eye of the cyclone is not expected to pass over any islands in Vanuatu at this time. The cyclone is currently moving away from Vanuatu in a southwesterly direction.

Cyclone Ula is a Category 4 severe tropical cyclone currently located at the bottom centre of J10 on the Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Tracking Map (shown below), or about 95km southeast of Aneityum and 190km southeast of Tanna.

Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map Number 16 issued at 9:07 pm VUT Sunday 10 January 2016