Anti-corruption committee to be set up; Vanuatu firm on support for self-determination of France’s Pacific territories

Walking the walk, now talking the talk: PM Salwai attends an anti-corruption protest in Port Vila earlier this year. Photo: TIV

Walking the walk, talking the talk: PM Salwai attends an anti-corruption protest in Vila earlier this year. Photo: TIV

PM Charlot Salwai has ordered an anti-corruption committee be established. This is according to the Government Act. The appointments are to be made by the PM and include representatives of his Ministry and those of Justice, Foreign Affairs, and Finance, and representatives of the Public Prosecutor, Police, Ombudsman, OGCIO and the Financial Intelligence Unit. There will also be representatives of the Malvatumauri, Media Association, NGOs, VCC and Reserve Bank. They are to ensure implementation of the recommendations of the UN Convention Against Corruption and set up a national anti-corruption strategic framework.

On the eve of his departure for a visit to China, PM Salwai also reiterated Vanuatu’s stand on West Papua and New Caledonia remains unchanged. He added that Read the rest of this entry »


Pala Molisa: we need to rebuild the links between the peoples of the Pacific

Pala Molisa, PhD. Photo: Victoria University

Ni-Vanuatu scholar Pala Molisa, PhD. Photo: Victoria University

Pala Molisa was born in Vanuatu, but did most of his schooling in New Zealand. He’s now a lecturer at Victoria University’s Business School, with a PhD in accounting. Not your usual, yawn-inducing kind of accounting, but the kind that gets him called an “activist accountant”. Here he talks to Dale Husband of e-tangata about why Māori and other Pasifika people need to reconnect “the threads of whakapapa [geneaology, ancestry] that colonisation has broken” — and unite to tackle the big social and ecological challenges of our time.

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Alleged police mutineers released from prison on bail

Following on from yesterday’s news, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Arthur Caulton and senior ranking officers Pierre Carlot (Commander South) and Tony Ata (former Police Service Commission Chairman) have been released from custody on bail conditions. This follows on from outgoing Commissioner Joshua Bong’s allegations of mutiny and the Magistrates’ Court granting bail Saturday night. The Magistrates’ Court, however, has limited jurisdiction and the case will have to go to the Supreme Court. The charge relates to inciting mutiny, Daily Post reports. At 3pm yesterday the bail conditions were granted. Bong has assured everyone that routine patrols will continue and the normal work of the police. He asks everyone to remain calm. It should be noted, however, his contract ended yesterday.

It is Minister George Wells who suspended Bong.Wells told Radio Vanuatu News that the issue being before the courts, Government would wait and see how the courts handle it. Wells: Read the rest of this entry »