Under the microscope: Vanuatu’s transition out of Least Developed Country status

Microscopists from provincial medical facilities receive training under the supervision of the Chief Microscopist in Port Vila, Vanuatu 2012. Photo: Paul McGinty / DFAT

Closer examination is needed of the challenges that may arise from Vanuatu’s graduation from LDC status. File photo/Paul McGinty/DFAT

By Dr TK Jayaraman

Vanuatu is in the news again.

Along with three other Pacific Island countries, which enjoy the status of least developed country (LDC) for special treatment by international donor community including various multilateral funding agencies aside from industrialised nations, Vanuatu has made the right signals once again, as it would be graduating soon.

Addressing the Comprehensive High-level Mid-term Review by the UN of the Implementation of the Program of Action for the LDCs in Antalya in Turkey in late May 2016, Vanuatu’s Special Envoy stressed the need for reducing the extreme vulnerability to external shocks beyond domestic control.

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