Austria offers Vt 107.3 million for rural electrification project on two islands

solar panels

At a signing ceremony on the margins of the recent COP22 UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh, Vanuatu’s Ministry of Climate Change and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Environment signed an agreement to fund Vt 107.3 million (US$1 million) for renewable rural electrification. Read the rest of this entry »


Pacific El Niño officially over, say meteorologists


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology says El Niño has ended for the Pacific as the tropical Pacific Ocean returns to a neutral Southern Oscillation state. Read the rest of this entry »

NZ travel reps brought to rebuild tourist numbers, but what about New Caledonia–Tanna tourists?

Tourists at Mt Yasur, Tanna

A tourist visits Yasur volcano, Tanna. Why aren’t tourism recovery efforts concentrating on getting New Caledonian tourists to Tanna? Photo: Vanuatu Tourism

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Zero Foreign Direct Investment projects in rural provinces last year

All media are dispiritingly boring today. Daily Post‘s efforts with the Zero Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects in 2011 story were valiant. There were zero FDI projects for Malampa, Tafea, Penama and Torba last year. I thought we had all sorts of foreign aid projects, from the Aneityum police post to the Malakula roads, financed by Australia. So I decided my understanding of FDI was wrong. I went to VIPA’s web site. I Googled Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority and got which site provides a lot of crap and is totally meaningless. I’ll tell you about zero FDI when I can get the leaflet used by Daily Post.

The European Investment Bank President is coming to visit between August 21 and 23. The Government is still hoping to discuss his moving the Bank’s regional headquarters out of Australia to here, but as Parliament will be beginning, it doesn’t seem there’s any serious time already made available for such discussions.

Radio Vanuatu News has the Minister of Health saying that the Government is negotiating with the land owners of the area on which is located the Melsisi downgraded hospital as regards the refurbished hospital before declaring it public land. Minister Willie Reuben Abel said it is government policy to have such institutions made public land. Yes, but to wait for the announcement of the aid project of the French provincial hospital facility to replace what is now called a clinic is surely leaving it a bit late to start the land negotiations. Lolowai might have given a better deal, no?

Radio Vanuatu News also announces providing electricity to Etas on Efate. A study has taken place claimed Lands Minister Kalsakau. Only a donor funding agency has to be found. Well, there is an election campaign on, isn’t there?

Anna Naupa provided about the only encouraging element for the listener this morning. In the Radio Vanuatu lunchtime talkback yesterday she pointed out the wealth of good regional ideas which come through Facebook, like Radio Vanuatu talkback, and other social media. Yes. Of course.