Telecom Vanuatu Limited sold to company with 35% Fiji Government ownership

An example of a recent TVL promotion

An example of a recent TVL promotion

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited of Fiji has announced its purchase of Telecom Vanuatu Ltd. The deal still needs the approval of the Vanuatu authorities including the Telecommunication Regulator. The agreement for the sale was signed by Mauritius Telecom Ltd and MT International Ventures PCC for the purchase of 100% of TVL. ATH’s two largest shareholders are the Fiji National Provident Fund (58%) and the Fijian Government (35%). ATH owns Fiji’s national telco Telecom Fiji Limited and mobile network Vodafone Fiji, amongst other businesses.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Happy 36th Independence Day, Vanuatu!

Vanuatu flag. Photo copyright © 2016 Vanuatu Daily Digest. All rights reserved

Yumi, yumi, yumi i glad blong talem se… People all over Vanuatu, around the Pacific and around the world are celebrating Vanuatu’s 36th anniversary of Independence today.

This gallery of photos shows how the people of Vanuatu have been proudly celebrating our nation’s independence:

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Curious developments as kava business goes cutthroat

kava shell

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GJP gains additional seat in parliament after recount; Air New Zealand not acting in good faith, says Vanuatu Govt

Graon mo Jastis Party's Gillion William: elected to Efate Rural on recount

Graon mo Jastis Party’s Gillion William: elected MP for Rural Efate following recount

Graon mo Jastis Pati now has another seat in Parliament bringing their total to seven. The court-ordered recount for the 2016 General Election results for the rural Efate constituency placed Gillion William three votes ahead of Nato Taiwia of the Melanesian Progressive Party. A Government Gazette issued this morning announced Gillion William as the winner of the Efate constituency which had previously been awarded to Taiwia. Gillion William will be sworn in in the next sitting of Parliament.

Vanuatu Government refused an Air New Zealand charter flight scheduled for April 28 for taking RSE workers in and out of the country. Minister Jotham Napat says the Government questions why Air New Zealand’s refuses to reinstate its Auckland-Vila service, citing concerns with the runway —yet has no apparent concerns to operate a charter flight carrying ni-Vanuatu workers.” “The question must be asked”, says Minister of Public Utilities and Infrastructure Jotham Napat, “why are they willing to operate a profitable charter flight, yet not commit to resuming commercial services?”

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Cyclone brewing east of Vanuatu could form by Tuesday [updated]

Satellite image of TD14F. Image: JWTC

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PVELTA apologises for attack, sort of; Beautification plan for Luganville; Vt1M raised for Fiji

Artist's impression of the Luganville beautification. Photo: supplied

Artist’s impression of a planted median strip, part of the planned Luganville beautification.

The seven suspects in the kidnapping and violence case of the woman tourism official will appear in court on 31 March. The court has allowed them to remain outside custody but with severe conditions. The whole issue remains Read the rest of this entry »

Fundraising for Fiji; Methamphetamine lab found in Mele; Vila roads get downgraded

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