Australia set to relax restrictions on Vanuatu kava imports

Australia to allow Vanuatu kava imports again

The big news today is very good news: Australia eases kava restriction, Read the rest of this entry »

Good governance called into question by police appointment, greylisting of financial system

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Two big issues for Vanuatu lead today’s news and need quick resolution to restore confidence in the current administration. There are legal and political sides to both controversies.

The first major outstanding issue is that of Read the rest of this entry »

Govt hopeful that legislation will get Vanuatu off international financial grey list

Will legislation passed last year by Vanuatu's Parliament be sufficient to remove Vanuatu from the grey list?

Will legislation passed last year be sufficient to remove Vanuatu’s financial sector from international grey listing?

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Larger aircraft to be able to land at Bauerfield, thanks to additional funds from World Bank for Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project

The World Bank's Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project will enable long-haul Code E aircraft such as Boeing's 787 (above) to use Bauerfield International Airport

The World Bank’s Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project will enable larger, long-haul Code E aircraft such as Boeing’s 787 (above) to use Bauerfield International Airport. Photo: Boeing

The World Bank announced USD 14 million (Approx. Vt 1.5 billion) in additional funding to strengthen air transport and an expansion of works under the Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project yesterday. Vanuatu’s Finance Minister Gaeton Pikioune says  Read the rest of this entry »

VNPF Commision of Inquiry gets extra time to examine Vt 4.45 billion of failed investments

money down the toilet

[Story updated 4/11/2016 to correct the earlier version’s errors of fact. Vanuatu Daily Digest sincerely apologises to all readers for this regrettable error]

The Commission of Inquiry into VNPF is being extended by two months to uncover the details behind Vt 4.454 billion of failed investments made by the national provident fund. The Commission of Inquiry is investigating alleged mismanagement and illegal activities of former and present staff of VNPF. Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry Olivier Fernandez and Assesssors Anita Jowitt and Tony Naliupis are examining the failed investments, which represent 32% of the total funds invested by VNPF between 2007 and 2014. (Daily Post)

We can expect a Chinese cruise vessel next January. Deputy PM and Tourism Minister Joe Natuman made the announcement during his visit to Read the rest of this entry »

IMF, World Bank offer assistance for anti-money laundering reforms to offshore financial centre

Laundering Dollar Bills. Photo:

IMF and World Bank ready to aid in reforms to have Vanuatu removed from the ‘grey’ list of countries needing to update anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism reporting for which deadlines have been set for June next year. Finance Minister Pikioune was accompanied by a delegation for the annual talks Read the rest of this entry »

PNG’s largest bank, Bank South Pacific, commences operations in Vanuatu

Bank South Pacific logo

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