Opportunities for Vanuatu as China’s tourists go looking for adventure

Chinese travel blogger Super Baozi (centre) withe the Pacific Trade and Invest film crew enjoying Vanuatu Zipline on Efate. Photo: Pacific Trade and Invest

Chinese travel blogger ‘Super Baozi’ with the Pacific Trade and Invest film crew enjoying Vanuatu Zipline on Efate. Photo: Pacific Islands Trade and Invest

It’s a beautiful tropical paradise that remains unknown to most Chinese. But the time is fast approaching when adventurous Chinese travellers will seek out Vanuatu’s tourism treasures and the massive Chinese economy will help unlock opportunities to invest in and grow the young nation’s industries.

Last month, Pacific Islands Trade & Invest (PT&I)‘s Trade Commissioner David Morris, who is Beijing-based, and Tourism and Marketing Manager Vivienne Song brought a famous Chinese blogger and a virtual reality film crew to explore all that Vanuatu has to offer Chinese visitors, and discussed future co-operation with Read the rest of this entry »


Opinion: PACER Plus is a poor deal for Vanuatu businesses that we should walk away from

Vanuatu says no to PACER Plus

As negotiations for PACER Plus, the proposed regional free trade agreement between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Countries draw to a close, we can now see what it contains—and more importantly, what it means for Vanuatu producers. Read the rest of this entry »

Deputy Prime Minister wants to build trade between Vanuatu and New Caledonia

deux drapeaux

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Improper land dealings continue apace as PM Kilman gets house for just Vt 900,000

Lands Minister Steven Kalsakau’s reckless sales of urban and rural land titles proceed apace without Prime Minister Sato Kilman standing in his way. And why would Kilman stop him? The Prime Minister himself has just been given his house for less than a million vatu. The weekend Daily Post discloses the sale of lease title 11/0621/037 to Kilman for Vt 900,000, the premises allegedly being Government property since Independence. Kilman almost lost his candidacy in the last election due to his continued non-payment of lease rent on the title.

The Daily Post also draws attention to the Lands Minister’s promise to cancel the lease he had approved for Lelepa and Mangaliliu land to Kalorib Poilapa. Poilapa is acting as the front man on the transaction for Sandrino Traverso, according to inside sources. The Lelepa/Mangaliliu people had sought their own community lease over their own land but this was denied by Read the rest of this entry »

North Efate chiefs furious over theft of their land by Minister for Lands Kalsakau

North Efate chiefs are both surprised and upset at Minister of Lands Steven Kalsakau’s taking their land from them. Kalsakau issued two new leases last month in favour of Kalorib Poilapa of Mele village for 2,300 hectares of Lelepa/Mangaliliu (Lelema) land on which the Lelema people had applied for a community lease. They are urging the Minister to revoke the new lease. Kalorib Poilapa is believed to be a ‘front man’ for big agricultural interests. The Lands Department says the Minister will hold a press conference next week to explain rural and urban land sales.

Prosecution delays may mean the Phocea case is dismissed, is today’s Daily Post front page headline. The Prosecution was not happy with the case as presented by the investigators — readers will remember the first and principal investigator was suspended by the Minister concerned early into his inquiries. A second reason for the delay is the absence of Read the rest of this entry »