Vanuatu Government reinstates controversial Capital Investment Immigration Plan

Vanuatu passport

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Response from Vanuatu Registry Services Ltd to the PM’s statement on CIIP in Parliament

It is a sad day when Vanuatu’s Prime Minister resorts to the privilege afforded to statements made in Parliament to repeat a defamatory statement made by “others”.

The allegation that “… the monies have been retained by the agent, presently seeking judgement against the government through court hearings, have been moved to Caribbean tax havens, others reveal” is wholly and utterly Read the rest of this entry »

Govt denies breach of contract over citizenship scheme, asks ‘where is our money’?


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Carcasses and Natapei optimistic ahead of censure motion

In the midday news on VBTC today, PM Carcasses and DPM Natapei indicated their confidence to win the motion of censure of their administration tomorrow. In a press conference this morning they stressed that they have a majority of 35 MPs in the House and a position of strength. More of their Read the rest of this entry »

Vanuatu daily news digest | 13 December 2012

Vanuatu’s new Ambassador to China, Nguk Yang Dennis Nai, has agreed to comply with President Iolu Abbil’s request that Vanuatu’s embassy in Beijing not sell Vanuatu passports. Radio Vanuatu News reported this yesterday, and Daily Post today quotes Pres. Abbil’s request: “Vanuatu passports are very important documents to any ni-Vanuatu citizen, and that must be respected at all times.” He said he does not want to hear reports that the Vanuatu embassy in China is involved in selling Vanuatu passports.

Radio New Zealand International aired a rather breathless story this morning about how Port Vila ground to a “virtual standstill” for the state funeral of Harry Iauko yesterday. It didn’t, as anyone who was actually in Port Vila could have told RNZI’s reporter. Daily Post’s senior purple prose writer Len Garae was also reported saying that “the streets were packed with people standing quietly to show their last respects”, which is another falsehood. RNZI’s story seems to be predicated on the assumption that the death of a significant public figure automatically elicits reverence from the general public, which, in Iauko’s case, sori blo talem, simply is not true. In death, as in life, Iauko continues to divide opinion.

The Supreme Court recounted the votes for the Santo Rural constituency this morning in the presence of Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek, the Electoral Commission and a lawyer from the State Law Office. The recount is required due to a successful electoral dispute petition in that constituency. No word yet on the result.

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Government wants 10,000 land subdivisions set up throughout Vanuatu

Government wants over 10,000 subdivisions throughout the country. DG of the Ministry of Lands Joe Ligo is passionate about subdivisions everywhere. He wants subdivisions on town green spaces, on Tanna, Ambae, Malakula, he said in a press conference this week. He says he will sell every green space in town. “Many people come to the Lands Ministry,” said Ligo, who can only be speaking of foreigners, “and they say there are so many places without anything suitable happening on them. It is much better these places have houses built upon them.” He adds, as heard on Radio Vanuatu this morning: “It is a right that every citizen has property.”

Joe, every ni-Vanuatu already has property under the Vanuatu Constitution. Their land. But if the reckless selling of land leases that you are proposing is allowed to go ahead, ni-Vanuatu won’t have their land for much longer.

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West Papuan independence activist concerned about Indonesian attempts to influence election

West Papuan activist Andy Ayamiseba voices his concern in today over a group of Indonesians expected to arrive in the country in the run-up to the election period. His anxiety focuses on the possibility of electoral campaign contributions for the PPP arriving with such people. Australia will not issue them visas. A group of Indonesians who arrived recently in Vanuatu without visas were illegally permitted entry by the Prime Minister’s Office. Under Sato Kilman, Vanuatu’s long-standing support for a free and independent West Papua has been thrown out the window for (probably a lot more than) the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

Illegal arrivals are also the subject of the Transparency International Vanuatu page in the Daily Post today, calling for a high-level investigation into the issuing of passports — both diplomatic and ordinary — and citizenship. We have learned of the issuing of illegal passports this week from Foreign Minister Read the rest of this entry »