Salwai Govt celebrates first year in office

File photo PM Salwai at an anti-corruption protest in Port Vila last year. Photo: TIV

File photo PM Salwai at an anti-corruption protest in Port Vila last year. Photo: TIV

The Salwai Government is today celebrating one year in office with a Read the rest of this entry »

Good governance called into question by police appointment, greylisting of financial system

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Two big issues for Vanuatu lead today’s news and need quick resolution to restore confidence in the current administration. There are legal and political sides to both controversies.

The first major outstanding issue is that of Read the rest of this entry »

Market vendor strike ends; MPs receive Vt 290M gratuity payment

Back in business today: Port Vila's main market house. Photo: Wikimapia

Back in business today: Port Vila’s main market house. Photo: Wikimapia

Yesterday’s market vendor strike lasted just a day. Port Vila fresh produce markets are all open today. There sound to have been multiple misunderstandings, and the Vanuatu Daily Digest will await clarification by saying nothing more at this time.

The 52 members of the tenth legislature have received Vt 290 million between them as their gratuity for their term in office. The ex-politicians currently in prison for taking bribes also receive the termination severance fee. (Daily Post)

GJP MP for Tanna Andrew Napuat has publicly presented the accounts of his MP allocation to constituents, and like other GJP politicians he has invested heavily in school fees. In 2016, the MP spent Vt 1.3 million, contributing to the education of 36 students. His transparent financial reporting is said to be the Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Vanuatu Daily Digest!

beach christmas

Merry Christmas and season’s greetings to all of our valued readers! Vanuatu Daily Digest will take a few days break and will resume after Family Day. Thank you for visiting us in 2016, we hope to see you next year. Meanwhile, in today’s news…

The revelations from the Commission of Inquiry into the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) continue. Daily Post reveals today that a Fijian national was recruited to become VNPF General Manager early last year, without a valid work permit. This created rifts between VNPF staff. He had previously worked for Westpac Bank in Vanuatu and discussions concerning his subsequent employment were pushed by certain VNPF Board members before the post was actually advertised. The COI investigations have now drawn to a close after 26 interviews, and the Commission’s final report is soon to be released to government.

Two MPs of the Graon mo Jastis Party (GJP) were sacked from the party this week. They are Read the rest of this entry »

Vanuatu joins ranks of 105 other nations with Right to Information laws

right to information vanuatu

The story of the week last week – most certainly for the press – was the passing of the “historic” Right to Information (RTI) Bill – very much “a step in the right direction”. Government must tell us what it is doing. And by treating all information as open by default it underscores the government serving the people principle. There will be information officers in every ministry, department or agency who must supply the needs of the serious inquirer, even though the process will sometimes appear tedious. Many people have worked for a long time on the policy which went into the provision of the Act. The Media Association of Vanuatu was appreciative, even the Read the rest of this entry »

Judicial review sought on Police Commissioner appointment


Daily Post today leads with Chief Inspector of Police Albert Nalpini filing an urgent application for a judicial review to stay the appointment of a new Commissioner of Police. The application seeks to Read the rest of this entry »

National TV station Television Blong Vanuatu to switch off free analogue signal from October 15

Vanuatu's Television Blong Vanuatu will soon cease to be a free-to-air station

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