Pala Molisa: we need to rebuild the links between the peoples of the Pacific

Pala Molisa, PhD. Photo: Victoria University

Ni-Vanuatu scholar Pala Molisa, PhD. Photo: Victoria University

Pala Molisa was born in Vanuatu, but did most of his schooling in New Zealand. He’s now a lecturer at Victoria University’s Business School, with a PhD in accounting. Not your usual, yawn-inducing kind of accounting, but the kind that gets him called an “activist accountant”. Here he talks to Dale Husband of e-tangata about why Māori and other Pasifika people need to reconnect “the threads of whakapapa [geneaology, ancestry] that colonisation has broken” — and unite to tackle the big social and ecological challenges of our time.

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Performance review for former Police Commisioner set for 8 October

A review of the performance of Joshua Bong as Police Commissioner will take place on October 8. The role of the Police Service Commission, the PSC Deputy Chairman told us today, is to ensure independence and transparency in appointments to senior police posts. However, at the weekend Minister for Internal Affairs George Wells stepped in and reappointed Tony Arthur as Chairman of the PSC. Arthur is facing mutiny charges and is also an intending candidate in this month’s election. Further meetings of the PSC were banned by the Minister on Monday. It would seem that Minister Wells prefers political interference over independence and transparency.

The Director General of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Secretariat, Peter Forau, told Daily Post that the the largest MSG partner, Papua New Guinea, has officially gazetted the MSG Trade Agreement. One can only add that it would, wouldn’t it? Whether WTO or MSGTA, it is the largest countries which benefit the most such agreements. It will only be a matter of time before Fiji joins in, too.

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Opposition boycotts Parliament after Govt introduces unscheduled URA bill

The Opposition boycotted Parliament yesterday because of Minister Moana Carcasses’ unscheduled introduction of a new Bill to amend the Utilities Regulatory Authority. The Bill was not on the original list and Minister Carcasses said he would move for the suspension of Standing Orders to enable its introduction. Members had not even seen the Bill at that stage, let alone discussed it with stakeholders or the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA). The URA says that only the contentious interests of Read the rest of this entry »

Takara youth call for greater share of KuTH Energy’s geothermal project

Takara land disputes once again make the area a hot spot for Vanuatu. The people of the village held a meeting Sunday and youth leader Lopez Adams says the vast majority of younger people — those under 35 — were determined the villagers be granted a 51% share in any business emanating from the energy source below their ground. Adams points out that the KuTH geothermal energy project will affect everyone.

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